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Learning to Learn and to Love it. Helping teachers in building WINGS for Lifelong Learning for their students
Start date: Nov 1, 2010,

LLWINGS aims at developing an elearning system for school teachers (and staff) to develop a set of competences aimed at favouring learning skills acquisition and motivation to learn, and specifically related to the integration of non/informal learning in education to make curricula meaningful to their students and helping them in learning to learn. Early development of learning skills and motivation to learn is the key to prevent ESL and ensure engagement in LLL in a universal perspective, but teachers need to be equipped with newly defined competences enabling them to lead this acquisition process, especially by mastering the integration of different learning forms, whose virtuous nesting is deemed a key strategy to enhance meta-learning processes and joy to learn. As outcomes, LLWINGS will develop a european elearning system for teachers (and school staff) based on the "network collaborative learning approach" of the ROMEO project ( for the illustrated purpose and a set of teachers competences -identified through in depth qualitative field research on existing practices (science lab, theatre)- described with the EQF format. It will develop a grounded research framework highlighting the gap between current teacher training/education provision and pedagogical innovation needs expressed by the contexts, providing a snapshot of the critical issue of integration of non/informal/formal learning.LLWINGS will impact on: research trends; teaching learning practices, providing an easy-to-use and transferable tool as well as a methodology for the development of specific competences; pedagogical approaches, by mainstreaming innovative and methodologically founded strategies to develop learning skills and motivation to learn; institutional policy dealing with qualifications, by promoting a re-"qualification" of teacher profile underpinned by a transformative move towards the redefinition of its future role in society as a learning facilitator.
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