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Our partnership will develop a multidisciplinary and cross-cultural project that would involve the areas of the Social Sciences, Economy, English Language, IT, Philosophy and Citizenship Education. The main objective of our partnership is mainly to improve and to practice English through the analyze of our habits and lifestyles in order to learn to be responsible consumers as well as to design ways to carry out a healthy life respecting the environment; and also to learn computer colaborative skills to display our works and results.In order to do this, we will carry out a study of the habits and lifestyles of teenagers around six areas of consumption: eating habits, daily life, transportation, energy at home, new technologies and fair trade, and their consequences. All this will be done in English but also in our own languages in order to promote and preserve our linguistic culture and displaying it on digital format.The end result will be the design of a responsible and healthy lifestyle, committed to ethical and civic values picked up in a "Decalogue of a good consumer" and 10 posters with slogans, which will be published in the colaborative web of the project : http://bilateral12-14.weebly.comThe activities we have planned are intended to practice a lot of english vocabulary and grammar estructures in each area of our quotidian life, in addition to help us to become in an active european citizen, to be aware that a small change in individual behavior can involve a great benefit for our society, thereby fostering a sense of responsibility and cooperation, the equal participation men- women and peaceful coexistence, typical of democratic societies. This project will allow us to prepare material AICLE that we could use in the billingual teachings.
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