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Learning through mobilities - Learner and staff mobilities within VET at Axxell
Start date: 01 Aug 2014, End date: 31 Jul 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The requirements to work in a multicultural society increases continuously and the labor market is more and more looking for workers who have good self-awareness, good self-confidence and who are tolerant , flexible , stress resistant and able to handle the challenges of working life today. The characteristics mentioned above are developed during an international mobility in a way that would not happen if they did their placements in Finland. All hosting organizations, representing 11 different countries, are familiar with Axxell since before. This makes the cooperation and communication easier. LearnMob offers mobilities for youth and adult learners at the basic, further vocational and specialist vocational qualification (109 mobilities) and staff working in VET (53 mobilities) in the academic years 2014-2015 & 2015-2016 . Axxell strives for equality in international mobilities. Until now, only students of basic VET participated in international mobilities at Axxell . Through LearnMob Axxell wants to improve the equality in regards to international mobilities by including students at further vocational and specialist vocational qualification in the mobilities. In order to increase the equality of learner and staff mobilities, each unit/sector will be encouraged to send participants on mobilities. When selecting the participants focus is on who has the most to gain by taking part in a LearnMob mobility. Of the 102 mobilities reserved for students, 18 will be reserved for students who have fewer opportunities to participate in international mobilities. Already at the application stage, the objectives, expected results, dissemination etc. have been discussed by Axxell and the hosting partners. A Letter of Intent has been signed by Axxell and the hosting partners. The project has a cost account/project number for costs arriving during and by the project. The international coordinator is responsible for project management and the international contact persons are responsible for the practical arrangements and the preparations done before, during and after a mobility. LearnMob offeres the following possibilities for mobilities for staff: 1 ) Teaching at a vocational school and 2 ) Studyvisits with a focus on developing international exchanges and deepening the professional skills within VET. Through LearnMob learners can participate in international mobilities by working in an appropriate workplace arranged by the host organization. The length of the mobility varies from 3 to 16 weeks (students) and 3 - 10 days (staff). Method of communication is primarily e-mail or phone calls but also video conferences held with Lync are to be held regularly. Results/Impact: Axxell: - Responds to the demands of the labor market by providing skilled labor - Supports knowledge and personal development within Axxell - Awakes interest and challenges the development of existing teaching methods, models and processes Students: - Increased studymotivation - Improved self-awareness /confidence - Confirms what they want to focus on in life - Increased ability to work in a foreign work environment - Increased capacity and flexibility - Better at taking own initiatives Staff: - Develop, enhance and improve professional competences - Increased VET skills - Increased motivation - Learn to appreciate their own work environment - Becomes better at mentoring students who come on/participate in international mobilities - Becomes better at encouraging students (including students who need extra support ) to participate in international mobilities Host organization : - Can compare their education with Axxells - Receives feedback on their VET - Increases internationalization at home Local, regional and national level : - The labor market gets workers who are flexible, tolerant, skilled and open to new challenges At European level: - Helps to increase the mobility within the labor market (in a small scale) - The knowledge of the different VET systems in Europe grows as the participants compare VET systems Information about the project is disseminated throughout the entire lifespan and after the end of the project. A dissemination plan and a checklist are provided to all who participate in mobilities. The dissemination plan will focus on how to spread information about the project internally and externally on a local, national and European level. Blogs, a brochure/leaflet about the project and other materials created for dissemination purposes will be spread through Axxells’ website, intranet and through participation in various events. Evaluation of the project and the dissemination of project results will be analyzed regularly in the international group meetings (6 meetings/year) and the PLG group meetings (2meetings/year). Materials to be used when evaluating are e.g. participants Mobility Tool reports, webropool surveys done by learners/staff participating in LearnMob, the hosting organizations and evaluation discussions.
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