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Start date: Dec 1, 2014, End date: Nov 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Innovaform Nonprofit Ltd. is a small company with it's dedicated, well motivated and highly qualified staff. The company has a well founded background and works closely with a high skilled expert team from different areas of expertise. We organize courses, forums, sport events and take part in smaller projects related to education. During our work, we operate a skill network, that involves SMEs, other educational institutes, universities and VET centers. Through our network, we share our knowledge and receive up to date information about the educational practices. Our long term goal is to step out to the EU market, to become an international training center and develop new programms for our portfolio. In order to reach our goals, the development steps need to be harmonized to support the long term success factors. We set up the activity plan accordingly and harmonized the pre-defined strategic goal with the required skills to be obtained b your educational staff and planned actions to fill the missing gaps. Our trainers will particpate in courses, that will allow them to develop their competencies required to assist the organization with achievment of the strategic goals. Startgeic goals and planned activities: (1)Accreditation of our training center, participate in EU projects Necessary skills: get familiar with existing accreditatation systems in the EU, learn project management techniques Planned activity: EU project management course, Jobshadowing at a professional partner organization (2)Establish the grounds of our own e-learning system Necessary skills: learn new approaches and learning material development with the support of ICT Planned activity: Innovative educational tools with ICT course (3) Developing new courses in different languages Necessary skills: gain knowledge about innovative topics and new approaches Planned activity:Change making educators course (4)Develop our on-line counciling system to support learning Necessary skills: learn new methods applied in counciling, build up a counciling system, that allows the support of our learners. Coaching, training is adequate for adult workers with low-skill to improve their lstrenght in labaour market value for better employability. Planned activity: Strength based coaching and guidance Besides the courses, a jobshadowing will be implemented at a professional educational center for our educational staff member, who will be responsible for leading our educational center. It will allow an overview of tasks applied menthods and procedures for conducting the sucessfull leadership tasks. All the above actions will not only provide an answer to the requirments, but will also have positive impact on the overall organizational athmosphere and the the individual development paths of the participants. By adopting working methods, by getting familiar with working in a multicultural environment, developing language competencies , the self-esteem and motivation of our staff members will reflect the everyday working processes as well.
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