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Learning Outcomes in Quality in Education and Training

Recently the issue of quality management has been applied to almost every sphere of professional activities, including education. The quality in education and training affects on the one hand the operation of the organisation, management, cost efficiency, etc and on the other hand the organization's product, i.e. the relevance, quality and impact of learning outcomes. However, the significant experience in quality management that is already mature in the business world is often neglected in education sector. Therefore there is a need to exploit good practices in the field of quality management from business sector and transfer them to VET, respecting the particularities and the existing regulatory framework of EQARF/EQAVET. Furthermore, as there is a growing concern over implementation of ECVET at system level and in practice, the training on quality management presents an ideal field for the implementation of the ECVET instruments, as parts of the learning outcomes of the training can be acquired through working experience, in-service training, IVET, CVET or VET courses in other sectors. The LOQUET project aims to cover these needs by transferring innovative results of previous LLP LdV projects on quality management from SMEs to VET sectors in PL, CY, SE, FR, HU and DE.The main aims and objectives of the LOQUET project are:1) to capitalise previous innovative results on quality management systems training in small businesses and transferring them in VET sectors,2) to develop the competencies of the quality managers of VET institutions, so as to be able to design, implement, evaluate and review effective quality management systems in their institutions,3) to contribute to developments in EQAVET, by adopting the proposed training course and materials to the requirements of the EQARF recommendation,4) to contribute to developments in ECVET, by developing a unit based training course, expressed in terms of transferable learning outcomes.The adaptation and transfer process will be assured by the participation of 7 partners from 7 EU countries. The partnership includes diverse entities: university, consulting companies, VET providers and VET association. The outcomes are the following:1) analysis of current practices and institutional requirements related to quality assurance in VET,2) a competence profile of the quality manager of a VET institution,3) a training course in units of learning outcomes,4) a training curriculum transferring previous products and based on analysis results and the competence profile, 5) training materials (handbook, CDs, case studies),6) report on ECVET implementation,7) a website for the on-line access to all project results and informative materials.The project will have an impact in 7 countries. In the short term, the project will contribute to the capacity building of quality assurance managers in VET institutions. In the long term it will make a contribution to quality assurance systems.

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