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Learning More To Teach Better
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Municipality of Ansião located in the centre of Portugal, in a consortium together with The Agrupamento de Escolas de Ansião and Escola Tecnológica e Profissional de Sicó and in a municipality are applying for the project with the intention to go on strengthening relations already established and sharing ideas on teaching and providing training in areas which were identified as priority: Foreign Languages, Science and Entrepreneurship Skills and Technology Innovation in Education to school staff (teachers, assistants and headmasters) in order to motivate and enable them with enough skills to prepare our younger generations better. The schools have been investing on new teaching tools (ICT) and methodologies to motivate students in order to prevent early school leaving but it does not mean they are being well used. With the unemployment rates growing everyday we have to be equipped with more and better competences to equip our students better for the challenges of the present and future. The key staff is the teachers, the school assistants and headmasters who need and are willing to promote knowledge and competences on these areas. The aims of this project are: • To motivate staff and students and reducing inequalities in the access to education preventing early school leaving; • To improve the education levels and skills and raising the employment rates consolidating its commitment to vocational education and thus help to reduce poverty and social exclusion; • To increase the percentage of citizens sensitive to environmental issues and in particular on issues related to energy sustainability and climate change; • To contribute to the development of European Dimension in Education through the development of transnational projects involving the promotion of European Citizenship based on the use of multilingual skills and online platforms or projects such as eTwinning by the teaching community and students on a multicultural base. We intend to involve 64 members of staff from both schools directly in the motilities abroad. The staff from both schools has similar needs and the same opportunities will be given them for learning new methods and acquiring new tools through: 1. The attendance of structured courses on foreign languages in the United Kingdom for ten science teachers and for ten language teachers. 2. The attendance of structured courses on new technologies for schools in the United Kingdom for 10 teachers from both schools of different subjects and ICT who need to be in touch with new tools for the 21st century classroom. 3. The attendance of structured courses on Science and Entrepreneurship in the United Kingdom for 10 teachers from both schools of different subjects who need to be in touch with new tools on these topics. 4. The attendance of training events / Lectures /Conferences on ICT in the United Kingdom and Belgium for 20 members of staff from both schools. The dissemination of these activities is of the utmost importance for the project. It will involve: . The production of tools for teaching and to use in the classroom and share with other peers from schools everywhere; . The production of flyers or leaflets, blogs, articles for the media and websites and documentaries or workshops for the school TV Channel and Ansião TV to disseminate the best practices; .The development of European Projects such as eTwinning in the classroom and working on topics which are supported by our educational project such as Active Citizenship; . Sharing ideas with peers from other European schools using the ICT and the eTwinning Project; . The development of another eTwinning Project with as many Portuguese and other European schools as possible to promote an International Contest of Ideas on Entrepreneurship for students and teachers; . The organization of two Forums of Education /Seminars with all the members of staff who attended courses abroad in order to disseminate the best practices. . the International Contest of Ideas on Science and Entrepreneurship may attract companies/other institutions to develop industrial gadgets for general use or to invite our students and thus create crate job opportunities. These activities will be of great interest to the schools involved in the consortium as their staff will get the opportunity for training abroad and for exchanging ideas with technicians of education from other countries. It is through the specific training on key areas identified as priority for both schools and the sharing of good practices among European partners that an improvement will be visible on the teaching and learning process not only in our schools but also everywhere.

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