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Learning mobility of individuals
Start date: Jul 1, 2015, End date: Jun 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Context: We are a school in a remote area of Upper Austria. We have already taken part in several multilateral Comenius-projects , pupil exchanges and teacher exchanges with enormous success, which has not only beencertified by the partners abroad, but also in the final evaluation reports by the National Agency in Vienna. Some of the teachers involved are eager to get to know more about the school systems they have already seen during the projectswhilst others want to take part and improve their language skills. Some only want to be involved in a completely new school environment and, last but not least, want to be members of a European school system that works internationally . Background: My staff and I wish to act on a more international scale, thus raising our students to a more intercultural and international level. This will enable them to communicate in foreign languages during their studies and in later life.. Objectives: My staff will strengthen and improve the awareness of the European dimension and the implications of European citizenship generally. The pupils will be made more aware of their own regional and local identity. They will also improve the quality and the quantity of partnerships, joint educational activities and mobilities My staff will enable further bilateral activities such as class exchanges, job swaps and other contacts and collaboration among the partner schools both during and after the project period. Finally my staff will support the development of innovative ICT -based content, services and practice in lifelong learning. Number and profile of participants: 6 participants ( Daniela Lang - French, English and Management Skills, Gabriele Angerer - German, English, Philosophy, Psychology, Johannes Söllwagner - English, Geography, Spanish, Karin Kislinger - French, Spanish, Sports, School Librarian, Brigitte Reisinger - Religion, Sports, ICT and Management(headteacher), Peter Beham - Biology, Chemistry, Management, EU coordinator and ICT) Activities: The teachers are to take part in job shadowing or team teaching. They are to have discussions with those people involved in the administrative tasks and with the headteacher and students. Methodology: Basic preparation willl include literature about the country being visited, covering both geographical and historical information. Language preparation may be necessary, as will the perusal of the curricula of the foreign country. Results: Most of my staff-members will participate in the outcome, lectures will be held and handouts will be given with summaries of the influence the project has had on each of the staff members. Potential long term benefit: The knowledge and experience acquired will hopefully be of beneficial influence to the participants' future performance in the classroom. The acquisition and practice of new teaching methods will be on a different level of increased intercultural awareness. To sum up: To date we have already played an important role in multilateral projects throughout the last seven years, but we now wish to extend this experience to include other interested colleagues, thus heightening the influence of intercultural values within our own staff. This in turn will hopefully lead to the further development of new teaching methods at our school within the context of an EU-orientated set of educational values. This development is essential should we wish to raise our school to an enhanced level in the future.

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