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Learning Mathematics through new communication factors
Start date: Nov 1, 2012,

Many pupils as well as parents unfortunately consider Mathematics as a difficult and boring subject. Education systems and teachers have to compete with what students find as fun and enjoyment outside the school system. One way to bring pupils back to the ‘playing field’ of education is to use similar tools (weapons) like the ‘opponents’, that is activities that will enjoy to do but through them they will be able to learn as well. Many pupils claim that mathematics is many times abstract and therefore non-approachable, so this proposal is developing a completely different and new method of learning mathematics through the science of mathematics communication. The aim of this project is the development of methodology in teaching and learning mathematics with the creation of two main tools that can be used by teachers. The methods will be created in such a way in order to be offered as in-service training courses to teachers who teach pupils of age 9-18.A. MATHeatre: Teaching and learning mathematics through math theatre activities B. MATH-Factor: Teaching and learning mathematics through math communication activitiesThe new methods are expected to make mathematics more attractive to young people. Teachers are expected to compete with current trends of interest activities to young people of age 9-18.These new methods will be developed with guidelines and related material for the use by teachers. The approach brings new ideas under “play and learn”.The project, as a pilot exercise in applying the new methods and tools, will plan, promote, provide incentives, implement and evaluate a European level Math Theatre Competition as well as a European level MATH-Factor competition. The project activities contribute to the Education and Training 2020 as it is enhancing creativity and innovation among youth. It promotes the European Cooperation on schools in the area of competences by supporting the key competence for mathematics.

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