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Learning, lIving, wOrking for Neet-group
Start date: Nov 1, 2012,

The NEET-group (Not in Education, Employment or Training) population remains high in Europe with percentages up 14% of youngsters aged below 28. Partners of LION stress the need of a multi-angle integrated focus on the NEET-group who are at risk of educational and societal drop-out. The NEET-group faces challenges bigger than simply lack of vocational skills and therefore a holistic focus on learning, living and working is essential. For educational institutions, enterprises and housing associations this necessitates a complete turnaround in thinking. No longer own, internal, processes and interests are enough to deal with the target group, but network-based activities will address the needs of the NEET-group, improving their competencies and skills. LION adds to the quality of the European area of Lifelong learning by developing quality standards for good practices in the triangle of learning, living and working, hence a multiangled approach. Good practices are identified, tested, standardized and improved and institutional benchmarks are set up to identify high-quality and efficient NEET-group approaches. Teachers/trainers and mentors are involved in training programmes based on the best identifiable methods and curricula as developed in trainer and mentor programmes of LION. E-portfolio, e-learning and mobilities for the NEET-group are experimental approaches dealt with in LION. Dissemination and exploitation are carried out via existing structures to gain maximum impact. The e-learning platform makes reciprocal contributions of good practices possible to stimulate the use of effective and innovative tools over Europe. LION aims to increase employment opportunities, to reduce the risk of exclusion and to lift educational levels of the NEET-group in line with the Europe2020-strategy. Finally the competence based qualiy labels for good practices and institutions are an open method that spurs quality in learning, living and working support for the NEET-group.
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