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LEArning Games for elder Europeans
Start date: Jan 1, 2011,

Gerontology research and technologies so far compensate for physical, perceptual and cognitive decline, but rarely focus on enhancement of opportunities and motivation to connect people and provide lifelong learning. People continue to develop and learn throughout their lives. However, when they age it is important to provide them with opportunities for educational activities that also support communication and social interaction, while being fun and entertaining. Existing learning opportunities mostly address younger social groups and they usually presuppose physical presence in a classroom or ICT skills (eLearning), both forming a barrier for elders to attend. Moreover elders usually lack motivation to learn, social aspects of their life are reduced due to various reasons, and educational topics provided may not be of interest to their age.LEAGE proposes innovative ICT-based opportunities for lifelong learning for elders in Europe by focusing on attractiveness and accessibility, addressing the theory of multiple intelligences in order to integrate collaborative technologies with gerontology. LEAGE will provide elders with educational social networking games that will help them improve their competences by practicing and widening their knowledge on health issues, travel, foreign languages, technology. Hence, senior citizens will acquire new skills, maintain their clarity and be active in society, thus strengthening their confidence and satisfaction. LEAGE will help elders to communicate, practice games and learn, often involving other members of the family such as grandchildren, thus enforcing family ties via inter-generational family learning. Two popular delivery platforms will be used, Digital TV and Wii, as means for both self-learning (single player games) and social learning (multiple players). The experimental educational approach, its impact and success factors for adult learning will be evaluated. Tests will take place in Spain, Netherlands and Greece.
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