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LEARNING FROM SUCCESS: Transnational Multimedia Practice Instruments for Local Development

LEARNING FROM SUCCESS aims to create a practical training instrument, which based upon existing European good practice will contribute to the professional qualification of an increasing number of young people wishing to become local development agents and will further develop the knowledge, skills and competencies of those currently working in this field. Further activity will focus upon the development of a network of specialist tele-trainers in local development. The partnership will work with certain selected themes upon which an outline training content will be developed. Each partner will then be expected to contribute good practice examples (to include visual and graphic documents, links and websites) for review. Further documentation will be gathered influential to the sector to include regional, national and Community legislation.Two pilot training courses in tele-training will be developed, for which, experts in local development will both contribute to content development and will be further qualify themselves as tele-trainers.The results of the project will be a network of qualified tele-trainers in local development; a good practice guide and index of training content; a quality training manual and actual training content as regards local development.Results will be disseminated via existing partner networks, through the project website, and through the production of a final project report. In the long term the results will be investigated for potential commercialisation.

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