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Start date: Jul 1, 2016, End date: Jun 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The IES Punta del Verde , which is situated in the south area of the city of Seville, is a bilingual public school where the levels of secondary Education , A-levels and vocational studies are taught. Our bilingual programme (English /Spanish) covers all the levels of secondary education, two courses of A-levels and IT vocational studies. This year we have increased the bilingualism to all the groups of first secondary education in order to continue with this expansion in forthcoming years with the aim of turning into a bilingual school in all our levels and groups. On the one hand with the bilingual programme three subjects are taught in English in each level of education and on the other hand a reinforcement of the internationalisation of our school is carried out by doing all types of activities and projects like for example linguistic immersions, participation in international conferences and exchange of students to other European countries.The main aim of the project we are presenting is to offer some academic training to the school teachers with the idea of expanding the bilingualism offer of our school. It is vital for our school to have a team of teachers able to develop successfully our bilingual programme. In this sense our teachers must have a specific profile with the required professional abilities, motivation, and ability to cooperate with other teachers from our school and other foreign ones, and what is most important and in order to achieve stability, to get a continuity in our school. This profile of teacher represents the main target for our project of mobility which entails the application of four mobilities of teachers and two job shadowing. The mobility will help the school internationalisation; it will also promote the European dimension; it will contribute to the achievement of the pedagogical objectives of the bilingual programme; it will reinforce the abilities and competences of our staff; it will develop the formative activities of our school and it will increase the offer of CLIL subjects to our students and families. At the same time, it will help the modernisation of the methodologies which are used in both secondary and vocational studies and it will give a boost to our European projects related to exchange of students, teachers and job shadowing, due to the relationship with other European schools. It will result into the modernisation of the school management and the external communication with other national or foreign institutions.Furthermore it will mean a positive effect concerning the equality of opportunities for some students of our school who come from a disadvantaged background. All this will give them more possibility to leave their own environment and get acquainted with other customs and cultures thanks to the learning of languages and the knowledge of European programmes. The mobility project we have chosen has two main objectives in relation to our staff of teachers: first it will improve their language abilities and second it will adapt the teachers’ educational methods to the CLIL teaching (Bilingual Teachers Course-The Edinburgh experience). Apart from a job shadowing programme with the school “Istituto Comprensivo Statale G. Montezemolo di Roma” which shares with us a bilingual programme offered to all its students and whose main objective is to watch and adapt the management of a school with a successful bilingual programme.The mobility programme will have a positive impact on the teachers, the organisation and, of course, on the students. We will include the results of the project in the school management and plan. There will be more teachers within the bilingual programme, more CLIL subjects will be offered; more activities related with the internationalisation process will be developed and there will be more students interested in the learning of languages and its European dimension. Short term it will mean an improvement of teaching practices, an increase of the school educational offer and a higher participation in European programmes and projects. Everything will have an effect half and short term in the image of the school, helping new students to improve their language competence, their academic and professional curriculum and to end their education as individuals. Our school has designed some measures to evaluate the results of this mobility, including selection criteria, the quality of the course, some support measures, the official validation of the participants‘ learning (mainly Europass). And finally, the dissemination of the results of the project among the students, the staff, the families and the area will be also ensured.

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