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Learning from changing times
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

ASA Onlus is an institution, specialized in international adoptions, working on regional (where it has its own headquarters) and national (where it has separate branches) territory. Asa boasts a skilled staff made by psychologists, sociologists, pedagogues, social workers and legal and economic advisors. They organize conferences and workshops on the topics of the support to the adoptive parentship, and of the building of the domestic relations. Furthermore, ASA pursues social aims of solidarity, especially in the fields of the childhood and adolescence protection, and of the at risk families. In order to improve our professional skills in an European dimension, we have taken part in the project “Learning from changing times”, which allowed meeting other European experiences and practices in the fields of social policies and domestic protection. We have taken part in two international conferences: - Innovations in Social Policy –ESPAnet Network – Department of Labour and Social Policies, Faculty of Economics and Sociology, University of Lodz, Poland; - Family Learning - Best Practices across Europe - Ministry of Education, Children and Youth – Luxembourg. Such an experience has allowed: • observing further European institutions working on the same realities; • improving skills, procedures and techniques; • implementing international partnerships in order to exchange good practices; • improving the linguistic skills of the participants. Learning new techniques and procedure in order to improve the staff’s competences was the main aim of the project. Any improvement was transferred into the different territories and shared in the workshops. The European dimension was the constant, central idea. Such a dimension is significantly appreciable for our marginal territory; indeed, the present project is just the first step in order to achieve a greater European integration of our institution. ASA selected five staff members to participate to the conferences: two legal advisors, specialized in family law and international juvenile law; two psychologists, specialized in analysis of domestic relationships; an academic economist from the University of Catania. The project was structured in four steps: Step 1 – Beginning of the project and selection of the participants to the conferences: improving of their linguistic skills; organisational support and information about the conferences; identification of the aims of the project. Step 2 – Direct educational actions, corresponding to the two international conferences. Step 3 – Establishment of two standing committees in order to ensure the implementation of the educational research and new activities; dissemination of the project results throughout our networks, by two internal workshops and one external round table discussion. Step 4 – Workshops for the adult education; launch of the e-learning operating system; continuous education; publication of the outcomes of the project. Specifically, the project achieved the following results: - education for the entire staff ASA and several external stakeholders; - activation of an e-learning platform that is directed to the continuous education of the staff; - noteworthy follow up. At the end of the project, a seminar occurred with the speeches of teachers, social workers, educators and experts in the protection of young people; - drafting of the publication “Learning from changing times”. All the participants to the conferences obtained the Europass Certificate Supplement, for the recognition abroad of the acquired competences. Thanks to the project “Learning from changing times”, ASA started an educational path in order to improve and update the staff skills and competences. Such a path has already engendered advantages, which will persist forward. More specifically, the acquired experiences on Family Learning produced innovations in our activities in favour of couples and family that Asa deal with.

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