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Start date: Aug 1, 2012,

This project enables 8 young unemployed volunteers from Germany, France, the Netherlands, Sweden and the UK to be engaged in voluntary service projects in Moldova for 12 months. The young volunteers and the host organizations will be engaged in sharing knowledge and experience and adding an intercultural note in the field of work related to children and youth of disadvantaged background coming from rural areas. All the volunteers will come from the EU and they will be living examples of cooperation with the European Union. In addition, the volunteers will fight stereotypes by leading through example. They will show that Europeans value youth and children with fewer opportunities and low education on an equal basis to ‘normal’ youth and children and are interested in cross-cultural dialogue and understanding. The volunteers will promote volunteer work abroad, and through their experiences become more active citizens. Returning to their home countries they will understand the value of community development, have a better understanding of their own culture, and be interested in furthering their personal development. This project also aims at raising awareness of the value and importance of volunteering as a form of active engagement and as a tool to develop or improve competencies for personal, social and professional development. We hope we can motivate the local youth to be active within the Youth in Action programme and to become EVS volunteers and / or develop some local or international projects themselves. The volunteers will get many important skills and experiences according to the competencies described in the Youthpass.
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