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Learning for life, sharing knowledge throw job-shadowing and teaching at the partnerschool
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Both the NAZ Eisenerz as well as Meraker are among the most successful institutions offering the dual educational system, combining sports and school/professional education. Since two years these two institutions have been working on a constructive, friendly and successful collaboration. The Erasmus+ project shall ultimately enhance the quality of the education by improving the quality of the teachers/coaches and by exchanging and bundling the experience and the data of both top-level institutions. Goals: - Exchange of know-how in the areas of training and teaching methods - Understanding how teaching and learning is organized in other countries - Learning how training is planned and conducted in a leading institution - Acquiring competencies in the areas of planning, designing, conducting a training and in the area of methods of training - Acquiring competencies in dealing with young athletes - Enhancing the open-mindedness of the teachers/coaches through cultural exchange - Enhanced open-mindedness fosters ability to develop new approaches and to adopt new approaches - Minimize the dropout Qoutation - To develope a data base for the evaluation and communication process (integrate school and sport education) - To develop a new curriculumn for sport and vocational education Activities: - Meetings and workshops among the teachers/coaches to the topics above in Norway and Austria - Preparing a common and uniform documentation to the progress of the project, for example documenting uniformly the results after adopting a new common curriculum -Workshops with the young athletes to implement the findings of the projects in their daily practice Milestones and Aktivities: 1. Activiti: (coordination Meeting, Leaderboard Marinuns, Frode, Per, Roman, Michael) Place: Meraker, Date: August (duration 2 days plus 2 days travelling) planning an elaboration of the activities in detail and timetable, attendance lists, planning the activitiers 2-5, exactly plan for travelling, participants, accomodation, partnershipagreement, data base for develope evaluation and communcationprocess 2. Activiti: (Meeting and jobshawdowing 2 - Leaderboard detailplanning Place: Austria, Date: September (3 Personen) (duration 2 days plus 2 days for travelling) Job-shadowing, Eisenerz und Meraker focus on Dropout problematic, developeing basic frame of Curiculumn, data base for develope evaluation and communcationprocess 3. Activiti: : (Practicle and theoretical debate) Place: vålådalen, Date: October, November (5 persons) (14 days plus 2 days travelling) Job-shadowing; developing main topic of lern to train - learn to life and the transfer in life, developing curriculum, data base for develope evaluation and communcationprocess 4. Activiti: (Austausch Trainer Meraker-Eisenerz) ca. 2-3 Trainer Ort: Eisenerz/Meraker, Datum Februar (5 days work plus 2 days travelling) Job-shadowing, work on curriculum and database. 5. Activiti: Evaluation und präsentation of the results: Place: Eisenerz, date: April (2 days work plus 2 days travelling) Methods uses in the project: - job-shawdowing - Leadership Developement - Exchanging Teachers and Leaders - Seminars and workshops - Meetings and Excursion Learning Outcomes: - Optimizing the curriculum - Generating new know-how - Further the methodic, didactic and pedagogic education of the teachers/coaches - Overcoming cultural and language barriers - develope data base with valuation and communicationprocess Long-term benefits: - Development and enhancing know-how - Human resources development / continuing education of teachers/coaches - Satisfied employees (teachers/coaches), thereby being more motivated in their work with the young athletes - More motivated young athletes - Better results in sport and education - satisfield parents, youth and stakeholders

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