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Learning for life - Dual-career Sharing knowledge through job-shadowing and teaching assignments at the partner school
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Background Our teacher, Per Øyvind Torvik, has established a link between Meråker High School and NAZ Eizenerz. We have now decided that we will go further with this through a mobility project. Both institutions are central in developing cross-country skiers and biathlon athletes in our respective countries. This is the background for the two schools wish to share knowledge and experiences about teaching- and training methods through job shadowing and teaching assignments. We also want through The Erasmus+ project to raise the quality of our education, by improving the quality of the teachers/coaches and by sharing knowledge of both top-level institutions. Meråker High School has strong partners such as the Norwegian Ski Federation, Biathlon Federation and Olympiatoppen (responsible for training Norwegian elite sport). Objectives of our project Through this project, Meråker High School wishes to: 1. Develop competence to our teachers and trainers to improve training and teaching methods. 2. Develop the management's leader skills and competence about dual-career*, dropouts, culture and language. 3. Use relevant teaching and training methods and experience from this project in our development plan. 4. Learn how our partner school is working with dropouts and dual-career. 5. Get some experience from abroad to use in our work to establish international studies in sports at both high school and college. 6. After finishing Erasmus + mobility project, we will see if there is a basis for establishing strategic partnership with NAZ Eisenerz. Profile of participants This project will contain school leaders, teachers, coaches and other staff. Description of activities Activity 1 - August 2015 - Meråker High School / NAZ Eisenerz Planning meeting for the activities 2 to 5 with the project management at NAZ Eisenerz and Meråker High School - NAZ Eisenerz coming to Meråker - Develop and sign the mobility project deal with NAZ Eisenerz - Develop contents for the learning agreement with the participants - Develop contents for the evaluation report Activity 2 - September 2015 - Job-shadowing - H1 - Meråker High School School visit at NAZ Eisenerz - Head of project Per Øyvind Torvik, with 2 or 3 teachers/trainers, duration 5 days. - Job-shadowing - Learn how NAZ Eisenerz is working with dropouts and dual-careers - Culture, language and traditions Activity 3 - NAZ Eisenerz coming to Meråker School visit at Meråker High School and participating in a training camp in Vålådalen - October/November 2015. - Job-shadowing - Learn how Meråker High School is working with dropouts and dual-careers - Culture, language and traditions Activity 4 - H2 - Meråker High School / NAZ Eisenerz School visit - Winter 2016 - Teacher/trainers assignment - exchanging 2-3 teachers/trainers with NAZ Eisenerz. - Teaching assignment at partner school - Learn how NAZ Eisenerz is working with dropouts and dual-careers - Culture, language and traditions Activity 5 - H1 - Meråker High School School visit - May 2016 - Evaluation and development of final report School leaders and administrative personnel - 3-5 participants - four days - Learn how NAZ Eisenerz is working with dropouts and dual-careers - Culture, language and traditions - Learn about the school system in Austria - Learn about school development and facility development Each activity will focus on the goals set for the Erasmus + mobility project ("objectives of our project"). Results and impact: - Optimizing the developing process (basic skills) of students and athletes. - Generating new knowledge - Further the methodical, didactical and pedagogical education of the teachers/coaches - Overcoming cultural and language barriers - Get the school prepared for international studies - Strengthen the schools work with dropouts and dual career Our experiences from this project will be shared through social media, newspapers and our stakeholders. Long-term benefits: - Human resources development / continuing education of teachers/coaches - Satisfied employees (teachers/coaches), thereby being more motivated in their work with the young athletes - More motivated young students and athletes - Establishing strategic partnership with NAZ Eisenerz - Establishing International studies in Sports - Implementing relevant ideas from the project into the school's development plan. *dual-career - our definition: to have focus on two jobs at the same time, education and sports.

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