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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project will develop the process of planning and implementing the students' individual and international study paths and quality management of international on-the-job learning periods by: 1) Clarifying the Point College's plan for organizing transnational internships/ on-the-job learning and learning. 2) Testing the quality and implementation of activity according to Point College's plan for organizing transnational internships/ on-the-job learning and learning, as well as updating the plan based of experience and feedback received. 3) On-the-job learning and vocational skills demonstrations abroad is important development area. The project helps preparing the use of ECVET system. There is need to get experience from ECVET based assessment of learning outcomes and from use of suitable tools to do it in connection to international internship periods. Also cooperation in curricula development and implementation with European partners is understood to be useful. In practical terms the project will develop following fields/parts of oirganizing and evaluationg international on-the-job learning periods: 1) Updating the process of the students' transnational internship/on-thre-job learning periods (planning, implementation, feedback, evaluation), the partial activities, task descriptions and responsibilities. Both administrational and pedagogical points-of-view. 2) Using/developing the methods of electronic/virtual student support during transnational on-the-job learning, for example Skype and electronic learning diary of Wilma system. 3) Getting aqcuainted and testing competence based aseessment of learning outcomes ECVET principles. During transnational inyternships the student assessment takes place by receivinh organizations, instructed by Point College and using Point College's templates/documentation. The foreign internships will support the partivcipating students' vocational growth. The competences and skills that will especially develop are personal responsibility, independent work attitude, team work skills and ability to get along independently in foreign work, living and linguistic culture. Similarly the students' can compare the work cultures abroad and at home. The concrete targets for each students' on-the-job learning period are based on the curriculum and derived from each students' personal on-the-job learning plan. To international on-the-job learnbing periods there will be participating 10 students of vocational qualification of Business and Administration and 10 students of vocational qualification of Social and Health Care. The proiject will organize 10 on-the-job learning periods during each academic year. Target countries are Spain, France and Netherlands. On-the-job learning periods will be organized in collaboration with partner organizations: Asociación Finlandesa de Costa Blanca in Spain, ROC de Leijgraaf in Netherlands and Agefa PME in France. As results of project: 1) The receiving organizations will becole longer term collaboration partners for organizing transnational student mobility (and in future also transnational staff mobility). 2) Functionality and effectiveness of Point College's plan for organization of transnational internships has been tested and the plan has been updated besed on practical life experience. 3) In addition, it has been clarified/made sure what kinds of vocational competences and skills the students may learn in each internsip place organized by the project s partner oranizations. This way the project will serve in finding out how transnational internships can concretely support implementation of the new competence based vocational curricula taken in use from autumn 2015. 4) The renewed/created tools (agreements and vocational skills assessment tools) will be used in developing Point Colege's quality management of transnational internships.

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