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Learning Cities for Migrants Inclusion
Start date: Nov 1, 2009,

This project will maximize the impact of the Vocational Training and Adult Education Actions targeting people with migrant background and will run in medium-sized European Cities, throughout its coordination and integration with the City welfare system. It intends:- to improve the capacities of Local Development Partnerships to identify and implement a Vocational Training and Adult Education Actions Plan addressed to people with migrant background, integrated with the other policy areas and public programmes aimed at the social and economic inclusion of immigrants, (housing, employment, entrepreneurship, intercultural issues)- to bring stakeholders together to design the integration process of the education actions into the Cities welfare system, on one hand improving the capacities of Local Development Partnerships’ Lead Organisations (Local Administrations, Local Development Agencies) to manage networks, in accordance with the participative approach. On the other hand raising the involvement of local stakeholders to raise the knowledge of successful local experiences, in facing the immigrants needs, of policy-makers, public Funds Management Authorities and Local Administrations, in order to define a better policy framework for the actions of Local Administrations and to allocate public financial resources to support such experiences. This project proposes an exploitation process at European level, involving 6 European cities: it proposes the transfer of 3 best practices, (results of previous successful projects in Bologna, Berlin and Dunkerque), in 3 Cities that need it, (Catania, Santander and Budapest). These best practices represent different ways to address the migration issues in different contexts, characterized by an integrated and trans-sector approach, according to different features and needs. The project uses different methodologies and tools: workshops (using the EASW and GOPP methods), training seminars, website, support desk, study visits.
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