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Learning by teaching non-formal education
Start date: Feb 1, 2015, End date: Jun 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project “Learning by teaching Non Formal Education” started from the need of the partner organizations in having better prepared youth workers, when it comes to non-formal education and its application to developing youth. The purpose of the project is to educate youth workers in understanding the characteristics, methods and upsides of ENF in developing youth and motivating them. The project has been implemented by the Organization C.R.E.D.E. from Alba Iulia, together with 5 other partner organizations: Orenda Foundation (Bulgaria), L'isola che non c'e (Italy), Traveling Dragon (Croația), Agluondnq jaunimo studija AJS (Lithuania), OportunidadEuropa(Spain). To reach the purpose of the project and in order to have an impact on the community of Alba Iulia, we established the following Objectives to the project: 1. During the project, the 24 participants will gather new knowledge regarding the ENF characteristics, formal and informal, they will be educated on the styles of learning and they will understand why non-formal methods facilitate the learning curb. 2. During the project, the 24 participant will develop their abilities to work in teams, to sustain a debriefing, to use socio-educational animation as a component of non-formal methods and to develop at least 20 new ENF methods, with the help of which they will contribute in actively developing youth. 3. During the project, the 24 participants will develop a position of understanding the youth with less opportunities and compassion, improving their enveloping and empathetic spirit and also their desire to improve their lives. 4. During the activities of the project, the 24 volunteers will work in teams with over 50 disadvantaged children from Children Homes. They will contribute at their personal growth by implementing ENF methods and they will develop a brochure that will contain the non-formal methods created and the whole experience. The 24 Participants in the project are active members of the partner organizations: youth workers, trainers that hold sessions for youth. They are very motivated to be a part of this project and to understand the upside of non-formal education and methods and we wish that in the end a minimum of 20 new methods will be created. A part of the youth workers applied questionnaires to the association’s beneficiaries, to create a program that will answer the needs existing in the community. From the 24 participants, 14 are socially, economically or geographically disadvantaged, this project offering them the change to improve professionally and personally. To help the Alba Iulia community and to offer the participants the chance to practice the non-formal methods developed together, we decided to hold the activities with teenagers and children from 2 Children’s Homes in the city. This will help the little ones get new motivation and help their personal growth and the bigger ones will understand that they CAN make a change in their community. The youth workers will work 3 days with the youth and in the end they will express their thoughts, feelings and emotions through the Live Exposition that will take place in the middle of the city. We wish to produce an impact at the community level and to help people understand that disadvantaged people need their help. Another result will be the project’s brochure that will contain at least 20 non-formal methods developed by the participants and their impressions regarding what they experienced during the project. The brochure will be distributed in schools, high schools, NGOs and Children’s homes in all 6 participant countries. The online communication will not miss, the brochure will be downloadable from the project’s blog or from the facebook page. The participants will continue the learning process, by writing articles on the blog and a mentoring period that will last 2 months
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