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Learning by doing - Diaconal Year in Poland 2016/2017
Start date: Aug 26, 2016, End date: Aug 25, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Project "Learning by to doing - Diaconal Year in Poland 2016 / 2017" is involving volunteers from Germany (for 4 pers.), Hungary (1 pers.) and from France (1 pers.) into structures of educational organizations: of Evangelical Centre of the Social work and the Education in Wrocław, nursery schools No. 1 \ "Kosmatek\" in Konin and of Primary School No. 1 also in Konin. Volunteers will have a chance to become a team member and to support works of the receiving institution through the cross-cultural education, supporting the foreign language teaching through games and the learning of the language in everyday, natural situations.We want to give possibility of action and gaining knowledge to volunteers in other environment (new culture) so that can gain the access in professional reality of the work in the education; could develop their personality, abilities, to learn the cooperation, the life and the communication in the group, to experience how it is possible to encourage the development of persons with disabilities so that they can gain the inspection of some of accompanying social issues of work with children and teenagers.During the project implementation of European Voluntary Services we will apply various methods of the work with volunteers - from methods of the learning based on observation (specially at the beginning of the process of implementing project in the organizations), through active methods based on independent action and the exercise of own initiatives.Methods proposed by us of the work it: methods educating the search, organizing and using information from various sources, methods of implementing of acquired knowledge in practice, methods of developing one's interests, methods of the effective intercommunication in different situations, methods of presenting own traditions and the cultural legacy, management methods with one's potential, correct interpersonal relationships activating methods, educating methods, audio-visual methods and lectures/presentations/observations/descriptions/conversations (especially on trainings), and important in projects of voluntary services, methods allowing the volunteer to assess the state of one's knowledge and educational progress.During nine months volunteers will introduce different forms of the work to children and teenagers, will have a chance to commit oneself to educational action and charity projects. They will be supporting children and teenagers in the process of the learning of foreign languages. As a result of project will be held in receiving institutions linguistic extra workshops for pupils (in the form of games, learning the songs etc.). Workshops developing the knowledge about the country of origin of the volunteer (presentations). Volunteers will help in organization of celebrations and "exhibitions" in receiving organizations, to subjects connected with culture, health, important social issues.They will be supporting children and teenagers during the daily routine at the kindergarten/school, stimulating the learning of the foreign languages and creating chances to gain cross-cultural experience.Through the participation in three planned diakonian seminar, volunteers will get to know elements of history and the Polish culture. With this way finishing the project the volunteer will have an inspection of methods applied at the work of educational institutions, of regional diversity in Poland, will have better understanding of Poland as the country and his culture. He will develop his communications and language abilities. Project, action of volunteers involved in it, will influence the daily presence of pupils in hosting organizations. Thanks to their engagement and help children and youth will be able to participate in events about cross-cultural character. Volunteers will become friends, offering the physical support, the time and the attention for them, new abilities. And so on the local level the project will influence for increasing the educational offer of receiving institutions, will enable to acquire cross-cultural experience (for volunteers, children, their parents, employees of schools and kindergarden), will affect the personal development of both volunteers and recipients of their action.Through action carried out project will have a positive effect on a promotion of the intercultural dialogue and a promotion of the learning of foreign languages.
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