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Learning Bridges to Youth Empowerment, Creativity and Participation
Start date: Sep 1, 2012,

"Learning Bridges to Youth Empowerment, Creativity and Participation" brings together international voluntary networks, civil society organisations, youth workerb, trainers, volunteers and activists from the field of international voluntary work, coming from European and Latin American_CQuntries._The-project-ēomēšTromThe common assessment that "international volunteering" can be a fundamental tool, that leads to youth empowerment, as well as to the development of key competences, necessary to make young. -peuptethink critically, to participate actively m tne local communities and into the labour market The partners in this project want therefore to create a space to exploro and analyse innovative and alternative ways for the reinforcement of social cohesion, civil society development and inclusion. In today's multifaceted crisis in Europe and the rest of the world, the development of social and civic competences should lead young people to take an active role in finding ways out, as well as new forms of creativity and entrepreneurship.The project will include a variety of activities realised in different European countries and in Mexico, where Alliance members from Latin America reside, and will involve around 600 yo'ung people and youth workers from all participating countries. The activities foreseen include a Kick-off nettworkinq seminar, a Multipliers' Training on Youth empowerment in voluntary projects combined with a study visit, 8 Job Shadowinas dedicated to networking actions against the impact of the crisis on young people, and an 'evaluation meeting. Local awareness campaigns/events, an international logo contest: and a final dissemination event will be organized to raise visibility on volunteering as a means for yoiuth participation and to spread information among young people, organizations and stakeholders in Latin America and Europe about the opportunities for international and local volunteering.Along the entire project participants will develop and collect examples of good practices, innovative approaches, educational methods, successful stories about volun'teering, youth participation and empowerment. The material will be collected In an booklet "Recipes book: successful practices in Youth empowerment, creativity and participation", published in English and Spanish, and spread at local and international level. Through the activities organized and the material produced, we expect an increase in the number of youth, specially from disadvantaged background, participating for the first time in local or international volunteering projects run in 2013, the creation of direct links of cooperation and mutual support between EU and Latin American organisations, the improvement of 'the training capacities of key youth workers in participating organisations and the enhancement of learning support measures undertaken during the volunteering activity.
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