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Learning and Innovation through Foreign languages and Entrepreneurship Skills
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The context/background of the project are the high numbers of unemployed youths and early school leavers in Europe today. The objectives of project are to create DIY material and open online courses through collaboration between different levels of society at social, linguistic and cultural levels. Synergies with organisations from the community, who wish to work with opportunities to develop innovation and support the idea of young entrepreneurs, will assist us in developing an international, inter-cultural social network, linking different socio-economic sectors to each other and help improve levels of skills for employability and new business creation (including social entrepreneurship), and be actively involved in local communities, stretching out to receive students from partner countries, increasing the European network and making it easier for youth to seek inspiration in another country and adding value to European project hence creating links between businesses and communities. The project has a total number of 7 partners from 3 different countries under the KA2 strategic partnership youth action. The project will produce lesson plans for teachers and other interested parties, open online courses and dissemination material. The results will be free online courses, DVDs and copy-left material that will be distributed at exploitation events and conferences, as well as broadcast on social networks. The project envisages that the use of the materials will reach teachers, students and youths in the region of the partners, and that a grassroots movement will arise from the implementation of the courses, changing the attitude towards youth unemployment among local companies and schools. We hope to see a development of the youths involved in the project, to become more independent, self-driven and creative thinkers hence creating peers as role models for others to come, among some of the potential long term benefits. The activation and inclusion of students in the project will also ensure the sustainability of the project in itself, by giving it a life of its own. It will not only rely on the teachers' work in the classroom, or on teachers giving lessons in the flipped classroom style, students will be able to teach themselves how to become independent and dynamic innovators wherever they are, whether it's in the bedroom, living room, or a classroom, and no matter which part of society they come from. All one will need is access to the internet.
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