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In the context of the principle of learning throughout life, the identification and validationof non-formal learning aims at making visible and at valuing the full range of knowledgeand competences held by an individual, irrespective of where or how these have beenacquired. The LAbObs project aims at handling the subject, using specific learning tools.The partners, who are in the legal position to start the official validation of non formallearning activities, will conduct a research aimed at identifying which indicators andwhich monitoring and evaluation activities may lead to the validation of the non-formallearning path of individuals and groups. Thus, the validation of the Learning Ability ofindividuals and groups. The research will be carried out simultaneously by fourcountries, in France, Italy, Spain and Bulgaria and its results will be widely disseminatedalso in Romania. The project aims at analyzing and comparing different non-formallearning pathways and methods and at exploring different solutions for the formalrecognition of non formal learning.The project partners can address the detected problems from different perspectives,since they represent a Center aimed at giving information to adults looking for new jobsand for new learning paths in one capital city, one disadvantaged area which is trying tosolve a long-term socio-cultural and economic disadvantage, one trans-border area andthe capital city of a country which has recently joined the EU with educational patternswhich are different, for historical and social reasons, from the ones of the othercountries. Thus, the results obtained will be useful in broader contexts and become astarting point of reference for others. The project’s outputs will be made available inFrench, Italian, Spanish, Bulgarian and RomanianDissemination activities will raise the awareness of all the relevant public and privatebodies in the field at different political level, local, regional, national and European, allrelevant in relation to the validation process of non-formal learning tools.

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