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Learning, a Response to Ageing
Start date: Dec 1, 2008,

The relationship between knowledge and skills and economic and social prosperity hasinformed late twentieth and twenty first century educational debate, but adult educationremains, on the whole, rooted in traditional patterns of curriculum planning and delivery.Adult educators need support to keep abreast of the changing requirements ofeducation. They need to understand why a “one-size-fits-all” solution is not a solution tothe complex needs of individuals as they age within complicated societies.The project LARA seeks to support adult educators in developing responsive teachingand learning. By providing time for reflection, consideration of good practice from withinEurope, review of the attitudes to ageing and the realities of ageing and opportunities toself-audit existing professional skills, the project will make a contribution to thecompetence of adult educators within partner countries and the rest of Europe.Ageing as a theme enables practitioners to work together on something that affectsevery individual. Ageing can impact on learning whenever and wherever it takes placeand has implications for the full range of educational activity from motivation to learn,through to application of what has been learned. Adult educators are challenged toreview and update their attitudes to the conception and purpose of learning. The projectwill enable them to do this with their peers in a supportive environment.The project will provide a training manual for use by future trainers as a basis for coursedelivery and/or by trainees for self study. The training will equip teachers and managersof adult education programmes to develop and deliver learning that is responsive to thedemands and opportunities of an ageing population. The pedagogical principles thatevolve from training will be transferable and contribute to raising awareness of the needto “personalise” teaching and learning. Trainees will begin to develop the skills andconfidence they need to carry off teaching that may be fundamentally different fromwhat has gone before.
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