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Start date: Jul 1, 2016, End date: Jun 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In the academic year 14/15 11.6% of this group of schools (1079) were retained in the same year.If we associate to this number 25.5% of students that have been retained at least once and who frequent teh school,we consider urgent to act on the teaching practices. Last year we had 44 disciplinary cases (6.9%)results worse than the previous year.O.low socioeconomic level (43.4%), low qualifications of parents (4th year) and low income , academic performance and the high number of disciplinary cases forced us to implement the Learning Culture Project since 2013.Besides some improvements recorded we intend to qualify the teaching intervention.We define the general objective: improving educational outcomes and reduce disciplinary proceedings by teaching qualification in the development of language skills, implementation of ICT in teaching processes, management and leadership skills, skills to combat school dropout and conflict management, at the level of pre-school, 1st, 2nd, 3ºcicle or special education, a greater contact with the most innovative and best practices both at the classroom level and at the human resource management teaching practices.The project will support the implementation and development of innovative pedagogies (CLIL) and content ICT-based, support the improvement of teaching methods, relationships and school management; adopt and share best practices.This project is based on a long-term modernization strategy school through CLIL, ICT, teacher support, qualification and monitoring of professional development and will have as a final product a benchmark of best practices and the presentation of a CLIL application of project implementation in future.A multilingualism can be the key to students in the future to access professions and jobs that guarantee them a standard quality of life and recognizing the school as a key element in social mobility.It is expected that changes in lessons and respective planning practices contribute to reducing the risk of dropping out for greater student motivation in their daily lives, so most pleasurable classes, easier access to ICT in teaching practice, improving language proficiency of students and the acquisition of learning skills and improve schools and higher educational attainment results.With this application we want that six teachers of the school attend training courses (CLIL/ ICT/management and leadership/ managing conflict/teaching andlearning processes), which are highly motivated and committed to replicate the training at the level of departments and disciplinary groups ( workshops throughout the year) .These five days will run courses in the Czech Republic, Finland and Italy.The expected impact will occur in the organization, teachers and students: Teachers/Students: improving teaching practices through the use of new methods and work tools, learning, design and implementation of innovative methods and effective approaches in the classroom: brainstorming, design work, metacognition, innovation in evaluation, CLIL and ICT, etc. through their suitability to students; curriculum development and integration; improvement of relationship skills and adaptation of strategies in conflict resolution in the classroom, development of basic skills to build effective relationships in order to avoid unnecessary conflicts, understanding its origin; recognition and promotion of awareness of students with challenging behaviors and learning how to handle and treat these students emotionally fragile.We hope a end results improve leraning results (best marks)l and reducing disciplinary processes.With Families we will be looking to improve the dynamics with them.The results and respective evaluation will be enshrined in the Annual Self-Assessment Grouping and Progress Report of the Autonomy Agreement. The reference building process will be the highlight during this year of the project duration, however it is intended that the following years we will continue the multiplier effect for each skills, both in terms of teachers and students .The reference on DVD and paper format, containing best practices and results will be presented at a seminar in June 2017.It is expected that this project will play a key role in improving the quality of the organization anf of teaching and learning, providing a source of inspiration and motivation and a strong catalyst for change in school in a collaborative attitude and articulation among all disciplinary groups, departments and cycles, looking for quality standards that match the vision and mission of the public school to provide the best public service to citizens.

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