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Learn to see the world by new eyes PART II
Start date: 01 May 2015, End date: 01 Jan 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

We, applicators of this exchange are 32 youngsters, 16 finnish and 16 spanish. We have 5 leaders, 2 finnish and 3 spanish. We all live in small municipalities. The project theme is to produce sense of community through music and sports because they are something we all have in common and you don’t really need to have the same spoken language to enjoy them together. This is how prove that working together and making friends can be done without perfect language skills. The goal of this project is to create friendship and co-operation between different cultures, remove cultural preconceptions, make us and others more tolerant and prevent racism. When we achieve our goal we will widen our own worldview. We are already doing activities from the earlier Finland-Exchange in different environment and in different country. Climate is different and the culture is different. We are evaluaiting how these two affect how does doing, being and learning feel like. We would like realize during activities that after all, we are not so different/unequal from the others and that we wouldn’t be so prejudiced towards different people and conditions. The name of our project is ”Learn to see the world by new eyes, Part II” and the time of exchange is 5.-12.7.2015, when our Finnish group goes to a visit to Borox, Spain. The Spanigh group will be here for the first exchange during Easter.
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