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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: Sep 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

1. TC- European Voluntary Service is an enormous opportunity for young people regardless of their religion, race, culture, convictions, economic situation, political affiliation to learn, to live in a new culture, to gain unique experience and have a positive impact on community through their activities. Throughout the whole process of a service a mentor has an important role to empower volunteers in applying their skills and knowledge to real life, in providing learning support and guidance to acknowledge the development of competences for enriching job-related skills and being prepared for the job market. This project is designed to enhance knowledge, transfer instrumental tools and methods to EVS Mentors to work productively with EVS Volunteers in terms of raising their competitiveness in labour market. The main aim of this Training is -to improve the quality of EVS projects through building capacities of EVS Hosting organizations and equipping EVS Mentors with vital methods to support and guide the volunteers towards the development of competences for future employment. The project focuses on cooperation between Eastern Partnership and Programme countries. The objectives are: - introduce to the participants a wide variety of means and instruments for supporting volunteers growth and development process; - explore tools and methods which help to transfer competences (knowledge-HEAD, skills-HAND, attitude-HEART) gained in the EVS project to further life and enhance employability of ex-EVS volunteers; - present different tools to reflect on key competences of Youthpass as a recognition of nonformal learning and Europass as an introduction of academic, training and professional accomplishments - build partnership network and peer learning support for further work on the local and international levels. The impact of the TC is: - Contribute to the improved quality of EVS projects; - Equip the participants with new methods and ways of work usable in their organizations; - Create network of EVS Hosting organizations for further self-support and cooperation in the field of EVS and beyond. 2. EVS- Armenia is a country located at the crossroad of the East and the West. The country does not have open boundaries with the two of four neighboring countries, which is a real barrier for mobility, intercultural communication, the opening up of career and learning perspectives of the young people of Armenia. Therefore, the need of intercultural dialogue and learning is highly demanded among young people, which is proved based on the research conducted by Youth Initiative Centre in the scope of Gyumri Youth Policy Development comprehensive programme. Therefore, the EVS project is aimed at addressing the following issues: - Fostering the creativity and artistic skills of young people - Creating platforms for intercultural communication through peer-to-peer learning and non-formal educational activities The EVS project is aiming at linking art and intercultural learning for the empowerment of young people and enhancing cultural awareness and artistic expression The objectives are: - Empowering young people through art and culture - Integrating the volunteer and young people into intercultural learning and dialogue though non-formal educational activities - Providing space to the volunteer for bringing up ideas and implementing own projects. The activities of the project are composed of 3 parts: - Running the “Handicraft” Club twice a week for the members, beneficiaries of YIC and for the young people aged 13-30 from Gyumri and Shirak region. The Handicraft Club aims to bring 25 young people to learn techniques of handicraft, to create, design handmade items and present to the public at the end of every three months at the fairs and exhibitions. - Assisting in on-going projects such as International club and “Friday’s café”. The International club is a series of events dedicated to the certain country in relation to the promotion of culture, traditions, running leisure time activities for the local youngsters. The “Friday’s café” is an event held every second week on Friday with a thematic stress in the form of café, where young people have space to talk to each other, to interact simply and feel the mood of intercultural communication. - Carrying out own projects– after getting acquainted with the local community and learning their needs the volunteer is welcome to propose and implement his/her own initiatives within the scope of the main directions of the HO which include youth policy and community development, employability and entrepreneurship, art and culture. The volunteer receives all necessary support and guidance from the HO for the realization of his/her initiatives.
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