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Start date: 01 Dec 2011,

The name Leam-Live-Love (LLL) comes from that education is the key for employment, a job and salary guarantee basic living conditions and when that is reached, a person can easier volunteer for the good of others. This is in simple words what LLL is about.LLL is a European - Latin American cooperation with the vision to reduce poverty and marginalization. In the case of the partner countries involved, this issue is closely connected youth unemployment, lack of education and challenging social situations in suburbs and rural areas. The key for the LLL process is learning -related to adoptive education, employment and supporting networks in the society. LLL is a youth led project of active participation, experiencing the reality of others and making a change in the local society.Volunteers have an indispensable role on our way to reduce poverty and marginalization. "A taste of volunteering" is therefore the concept for LLL. This means we work on grass root level involving local youth and sharing realities with them and among the partners. By doing this we recognize the value of volunteering for the participants as growing individuals, the usefulness of volunteering for their future profession and the impact of volunteering in the society for new thinking and enterprising development. LLL is not a project of the rich helping the poor or one continent helping the other, but it is a project of equal interaction, exchange and sharing of good praxis.Finlands svenska 4H in Finland is the coordinating organization and the geographically and culturally diverse partners are from Slovenia, Norway, Turkey, Argentina, Peru, Brazil and Venezuela. The strong partnerships are based on previous cooperation and all partners will host both a local and at least one intercontinental event. The activities of LLL are a Project Preparation Meeting in Venezuela, four Job Shadowings in Europe, Local Volunteer Actions at all partners involved, four Volunteer Projects in Latin America, a Youth Seminar in Argentina and Dissemination and Exploitation Of Results at all partners. The results are what the many local actions bring to the communities, how the organizations develop their agenda and create networks and personal growth for the young individuals.Social medlas will have a central role as a gathering force when having several activities running at the same time, in the time between the actions and for spreading information about LLL to a wide public. LLL is expected to directly involve more than 350 youngsters and youth workers of the partners and in our working communities. Additionally it is estimated that 1200 young people are indirectly benefiting from LLL.In LLL we are addressing most of the priorities indicated in the call for proposals, but we are not compromising our goals. Some of the priorities are the objectives in LLL, while others are related to the working methods or the profile of the partners. All together it becomes a strong eternity where each piece is supporting the other.
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