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Learn it and get a job!
Start date: Dec 1, 2011,

Youth Forum of Vojvodina – VIFO from Subotica, Serbia will be the hosting organization and organizer of a 3.1 Training Course so called “Learn it and get a job! ” where 24 interested youth from 6 countries: Macedonia, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Slovakia and Serbia will participate with the aim to focus on employment, social integration, education and mobility. Education is of prime importance to young people as it gives them the possibility to ensure their personal and professional development and their active participation in all spheres of society, thus increasing their job opportunities.The venue place: Palic - Subotica, Serbia.Date: between 19th and 26th of February, 2012. Duration in days: 6 Training helps to provide young people an intercultural learning experience, encouraging social integration; to explore the power of non-formal learning, and Youthpass; to give opportunity for or young people with economical obstacles to explore ways of the YIA Programmes to raise young people's key competencies and their access to the labour market; to raise awareness on intercultural diversity; to understand unemployment better and to find more efficient strategies to fight against it and to use together with other tools; to explore the opportunities and possibilities of voluntary work, to promote, to raise awareness of the value and importance of volunteering; to provide opportunity for developing ideas for future projects as result of the training course and to build a long term partnership.The methods and methodology of the training is based on non-formal learning. Group members will experience process of cultural principles such as dialogue, mutual understanding, giving constructive feedback, decision making, self-exploration, attitude of analytical approach.

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