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Learn in Green: New approach to develop key competences through environment
Start date: Dec 1, 2010,

The Lisbon priorities form the basis for the cohesion policy adopted by the EU and are intended to ‘facilitate access for all to training and the labour market’, in order to promote the building of a ‘socially’ fair and economically competitive Europe.However, adult participation in education and training remains limited and unbalanced, with the least skilled population groups registering the lowest participation levels. In fact, low-skilled and unskilled adults and also young people leaving the education system often face obstacles which prevent them from accessing continuing training, especially where previous failures have made them resistant to traditional teaching methods.The partners in the L-Green project have had occasion to observe the interest shown by young adults in the environment and sustainable development, especially in areas such as saving resources and involvement in shared challenges as eco-citizens. The aim of this project is to improve teaching methods and to assist trainers in their approach to population groups experiencing difficulties and also to help to direct these groups towards these new jobs.The L-Green project will develop an innovative approach towards the teaching of key skills, integrated into an overarching theme – ‘the environment and sustainable development’ – designed to motivate these population groups. It aims to achieve 3 types of objectives:- To develop access to continuing training in order to reinforce key skills- To promote eco-citizenship - To facilitate access to the new jobs offered by this sector.The partners in the project will develop tools such as: the ‘Guide for Trainers’ and the ‘tool box’, which will prioritise the use of informal teaching situations, varied activities and active methods, in particular via links with the world of business.
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