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Learn for Work and Life! One Step Up.
Start date: 01 Dec 2011,

The LeWeL Up project (Learn for Work and Life! One Step Up) seeks to tackle the question of how education and training can facilitate work migration for disadvantaged individuals and motivate them to embark on novel learning opportunities. In theory, new job opportunities may be appealing, but the process can be confusing or intimidating. “Learning is learnable” must become a reality for these less advantaged groups of learners. The LeWeL UP! project will facilitate a model of learning that will help learners develop individual learning pathways, essential for critical thinking, problem solving, emotion management or for constructive attitudes to change. The training materials are a combination of printed manual for guided teaching, learning diaries for self-reflection in learning, and video materials with realistic case studies. They are aimed at developing key competences for work and life, necessary for better job prospects and happier lives. The training tools form a complete pack, but they can be also used separately. Throughout the lifespan of the project, adult educators and training suppliers will be involved extensively in the developing of materials or testing and piloting of the training course. Also, the training concept requires innovative pedagogical approaches so as to convince lower-educated learners that education can bring concrete benefits for them, can make them employable, and socially included. The materials will be available in English and in the seven languages of the partnership. In the end, the training pack is likely to be used in training systems by vocational training providers or within adult education organizations. By developing a learner-centered approach in training, the competence of learning to learn can be made more operational. Thus, facilitators in adult education across Europe will arrive at a common and coherent definition of learning to learn, so as to ensure access and mobility to the labour market.
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