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Learn,exchange and connect:A study visit to Finland about international and social youth work
Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Feb 29, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project "Learn,exchange and connect:A study visit to Finland about international and social youth work" is a study visit which will take place from 20-24 / 10-2015 in the organization Villa Elba located in the town of Kokkola, Finland. There is a need among young people have opportunities to realize their dreams, to transform their ideas into action and to be able to participate in the civic society at local and international level. Youth workers play an important role in supporting young people in their everyday life to become and to feel secure and confident. Hence there is a need for new innovative working methods and skills development among youth workers who work directly with young people. This project will enable new knowledge, insights and ideas among youth workers. They can in turn offer young people more opportunities. Furthermore, there is a need, particularly in the YMCA Umeå to develop international youth work in the various activities the organization offers. Villa Elba has a long and solid experience in this and therefore the project intend to spread the good practices and experiences Villa Elba has in this area. Furthermore, there is a need for quality development in youth work and the important non-formal learning that youth workers actually gives young people. We believe that the recognition and dissemination of good examples which there organizations are doing is of great importance. Furthermore, the participating organizations in this project see a need for an increased cooperation between organisations in Sweden and Finland. The aim of the study visit is to offer representatives from various departments of the YMCA in Umeå the opportunity to visit Villa Elba in Finland, and that the two organizations can share experiences, policies and practices within local and international youth work. Objectives: - To introduce the opportunities that exist within the international youth work through Erasmus + - To increase the knowledge of how international youth work is organized in Finland and Sweden in general and in the organizations Villa Elba and YMCA Umeå in particular - Sharing experiences, methods and practices of local and international youth - Initiate partnerships for future projects - Fostering innovation and new thinking in youth work The project will bring together ten participants and the target group is youth workers and representatives from organizations working directly with young people in various departments in the organizations involved. The working methods will be based on non-formal and informal learning. The planned activities are presentations, field trips, group discussion, reflection and project management for future cooperation. The expected results are competence development among the participants, quality development in youth activities the participants work within, an increased international character of the participants' work and future collaborations between the organizations. Furthermore, the project will result in increased opportunities for young people and a wider knowledge within organizations on new methods and strategies. In the longer term, the project aims to promote international cooperation and development in this and increased opportunities for young people in social and international youth work.
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