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Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project "Learn Civic and Act" is set up of 4 primary and secondary schools from Croatia, Germany, Portugal and Turkey. In these schools teachers observe that basic social and emotional skills and competences such as empathy, tolerance and respect - to name only a few - are dwindling. Experience shows, however, that they are the prerequisite not only for undisturbed human interaction but also for educational attainment and academic performance and on a higher level for European cooperation. Creative drama and developmental bibliotherapy - both being in the school setting rather unfamiliar but effective, non-invasive and amusing ways to help children navigate towards adulthood - are the two methods which are at the core of the project which aims at: - developing basic social and emotional skills and competences - introducing civic education in order to help students understand the society in which they live, the way it functions, their rights and duties and on the European level what it means to be a European citizen, how the European Union works, rights and duties to name only a few topics here. The first aformentioned aim will be realised primarily at the level of each participating school where workshops will be held regularly to develop basic social and emotional skills and competences. The results of these activities and the experiences gathered will be shared and discussed with all partners on the Twinspace. The second of the targets mentioned above will primarily be met during the 4 Learning/Teaching/Training Activities when students and teachers from all participating schools come together to jointly explore topics taken from the Civic Education curriculum. They will do so using developmental bibliotherapy and creative drama, methods they have become familiar with at their schools. Hence, the name of the project was chosen to be "Learn Civic and Act", act with its double meaning for doing something and for representing something or someone with one's person. Due to the nature of the project which aims at triggering intra- and interpersonal processes and changes, results will be difficult to be assessed. The cross-cultural exchange of information and experience among students and teachers, however, will help to reflect on processes initiated and consequently reinforce them. The participating teachers will in turns prepare lesson plans for all the topics that are to be worked on by all. These lesson plans plus footage giving an impression of the activities will be made available in the form of an e-book to interested professionals.
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