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Lean approach in VET

We have seen the intrinsic potential of Lean and we recommend VET organizations to work with Lean implementation from the co-workers and the management perspective when it comes to: Lean tools, a common and visual system of working with Lean and Culture. Lean tools: The management has of course the over-all responsibility for getting a Lean implementation started and has to work actively to keep the implementation evolving. When the co-workers are given the right pre-conditions they can start the Lean implementation by testing Lean tools. For instance the co-workers can start working with the structured method for improvements, Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA).A common and visual system of working with Lean: The improvements that are made by co-workers must be put in a holistic context, based on the demands and needs of the student and the purpose of the organization. How we work to meet the student needs must be analyzed, structured and visualized in a common system. Lean culture: We have realized that the culture in an organization is important to be able to implement Lean successfully. A Lean culture is when everyone in the organization stands behind and believes that everything always can be developed to something little better, problems will be seen as possibilities rather than problems, it is our system and not individuals that causes problems and finally ask “Why” instead of “who” when you work with solving a problem.There are a few more aspects we would like to highlight:Keep a balance between your daily work and your improvement work. Also keep a moderate pace in every improvement work. You will work Lean for a long time, so do not stress. It is better to get it done. You always have a purpose of why your organization exists. The organization is there for someone. Always keep the purpose of your organization top of mind when you are working Lean. That means you keep the outward-inward perspective rather that only looking at your internal organization. Always base your identified problem on facts. Collect data that is possible to measure after you have gone through with an improvement work. Hiring an external consultant is valuable in the start-up process. The consultant is really valuable when it comes to embolden you to start trying working with Lean.

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