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Lead On
Start date: Sep 19, 2016, End date: Feb 18, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project Lead On is a youth exchange where 20 participants from Belgium, France, Lithuania and Spain have decided to initiate a project with the aim of improving their skills in dealing with media and internet through media literacy and critical thinking, in order to know how to use the internet in a healthy way, for the purpose for what would increase their personal and professional development. This project is designed in alignment with the requirements of the new key competences needed in a contemporary society where youngsters use media and social networks everyday, not only to circulate messages and information but also creating them, as well as raising awareness of the possible links between media and radicalisation. The goals of the project follows the goals of the Erasmus+ programme as for developing key competences of critical thinking by young citizens and become active in a democratic society, promoting media wisdom and fighting against radicalization, particularly among young people. Through a non formal learning environment, young people will develop their competences and knowledge using different methods linked with information and media. The general objective of Lea On project is to offer a space through an intercultural experience for reflection and empowerment of youngsters in leadership skills and critical thinking through activities involving media literacy and creativity with the aim of improving youngsters capacities on personal development, media literacy, creativity and leadership. The project will also produce a development of active citizenship among the participants, mutual understanding through an intercultural learning environment and the improvement of their linguistic competences. There will be used a lot of methods during the project that wil include, for understanding and application of media literacy (Internet good use and safety, analysing propaganda, Big6 model of media literacy, cine forum on leadership process, Use of GPS when visiting the city), for improving creativity skills through work with information methods (Storytelling and imagination, creation of digital books), for gaining leadership skills and self development (Presentation skills, communication games, Belbin team roles, Personality test, Hot chocolate river, Challenges exercises involving local community), etc. Participants of Lead On will find a positive change in attitudes towards media by for example producing healthy media content and good use of the social networks and the information they circulate everyday. We expect to be a transformational project for all the participants involved where social inclusion is part of this transformation, because we will promote the tolerance and equal opportunities by including participants with social and geographical disadvantages from their counterpart. An Ebooklet wil be developed in order to show the results of the project with useful activities to be done on this topic with the aim of wider the knowledge to other young people about the practise of media literacy, critical thinking and leadership skills which we expect to prevent any wrong use of media and promoting a digital society with key competences to use wisely the opportunities of media.
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