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Le rel-azioni scolastiche
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

“Le rel-azioni scolastiche” project was born inside an old and active partnership between two crossborder High-Schools, Liceo I.Newton di Chivasso, (Italy) and Lycèe Marie et Pierre Curie de Menton (France) around the main theme of pedagogical innovation through practical and artistic activities. It has been some years that inside the Italian High School some experimental educational paths that foreseen the active involvement of all stakeholders of the educational triad (student-parent-teacher) have been adopted: the project would like to deepen these paths and to share them in a different national and cultural contest as the French partner is. According to the project, School is the place for a relational learning: an effective and functional relational system is a pre-requisite to develop a good learning process. In this contest the function of theatre activity is: to be the initial instrument to let problems related to adolescent-School arise; to be the synthesis of all proposed activities; to be catalyst of the natural interdisciplinary and creativity of its own language between participants, that will be the incentive and “enzyme”, or accelerator or facilitator of relational processes among involved subjects. Theatre activity, here intended as the field where creativity and pedagogical learning come together, will make possible the development of the practical and operational dimension of learning paths and thanks to the awareness of relational dimension more incisive pedagogical paths will be built. Students, teachers and parents are the first beneficiaries of the project, in the amount of 200 units between Italy and France, involved in the period September 2014 - August 2016. Proposed activities include theatre workshops (for students, parents and teachers); collective creative productions (audio visuals, photos, comics) for students, parents and teachers; continuing education and refreshing courses for students and teachers; peer-to-peer about pedagogy between teachers; creation and dissemination of tools and outputs through ICT; elaboration of a “case-study” by teachers about innovative ways of learning come out from the project; short and long mobility for Italian and French students and teachers to study, exchange and for collective and creative training. Dissemination plan, in charge of involved schools, foresee the launch of two theatre shows, two video-interviews and two photo-reportage about schools, the implementation of a sharing platform (on-line) open and accessible for all; the dissemination of a case study on trade magazines, the dissemination of the projects outputs during schools informative days, the employ of tested learning paths during the project in a class of Liceo Newton.
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