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Laser Technology Educational Network

The principle aim of the project is to improve accessibility to education in laser technology and, as a result, to improve the comprehensiveness and quality of laser technology training in Europe. Via the project's web portal, students will be able to access particular laser experiments at different research establishments during allocated time slots. Students will be able to observe experiments and their outcomes using webcams set up in each laboratory. The results of experiments will be computed and further made available via the project website. Through online tuition and the provision of detailed information on each experiment, students will also be able to access experimental data at any time. The project feasibility will be tested in two stages to ensure ease of access to other project partners' experiments and with a focus upon the quality of training. The project's web portal will allow for remote access to experiments, while project dissemination is envisaged using partners current connections with the website. It is also expected that following the two stage piloting of the project's experimental base, a Europe-wide day of 'open-house' access to the project will be arranged to inform interested parties beyond the project partners. Information on the project will also be released in the form of printed material, with EN as the project's working language.
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