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Largirea dialogului international - premisa a modernizarii scolii
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our project is entitled 'Widening international dialogue will modernize our school'. This aims to reflect the main action plans and our vision regarding the positive impact we hope our project will have both on our students and on the local community. Our 'internal European plan' refers to reconsidering the school's educational offer and to making our school an international one, especially through international partnerships. Thus we will be able to provide high-quality education which meets European standards, for the benefit of our students, who are expected to become educated citizens, flexible and creative in solving non-standard problems in the context of an ever-changing world. In the full spirit of European values, our school will promote active involvement in society, initiative, learning autonomy, multilingualism and multiculturalism. Our colleagues are exceptionally active as regards lifelong learning, so international projects would be a necessary addition to our portfolio. We view this project as a first step towards the full articulation and implementation of our European Development Plan. The mobilities proper regard two training courses (Levels 1 and 2 for each of them). The former focuses on successful management techniques and strategies; the latter focuses on a modern approach to teaching and learning based on key competences. Among the objectives of our project, which we see as natural extensions of our school's strategic aims, we can mention: - developing competence for the design and implementation of international projects, including projects which directly involve students; - practical approaches to today's educational problems, such as violence in schools, management of mixed-ability groups, lack of interest in education manifested by disadvantaged teenagers. Such a vision can only be attained by reflection and international cooperation, as certain school systems have considerable experience in tackling such problems; - reconsidering and improving our educational offer; - fresh initiatives for extracurricular activities designed to promote European values and to encourage participation from a large number of students while helping to consolidate a positive image of our school within the local community; - the acquisition of modern teaching strategies, with positive results which will be measured on experimental groups of students; - cultivating genuine interest in multilingualism, multiculturalism and learner autonomy, which will benefit our students in their future careers; - a growing awareness of various opportunities for lifelong learning and certification of competences. There will be 6 participants in the mobilities proper. Their profile is complex but with important common points, among which we can mention their interest in multiculturalism and lifelong learning. The selection of participants cand be summarised as follows: it is based on their training needs and on their commitment to the implementation of our European Development Plan, translated into assuming specific responsibilities, working in teams and carrying out specific tasks. As regards the main activities, we can mention communication with the receiving organization, selection and preparation of participants (linguistic and other), the training courses proper (levels 1 and 2), and a variety of while and post-training activities. Among these mention must be made of dissemination, contacting international partners in view of submitting an international partnership project for student mobilities (2017), and teaching and testing experimental groups of students to demonstrate the success of newly-acquired teaching strategies and techniques. There will be a variety of follow-up dissemination activities, e.g. lessons to be evaluated by peers and experts, team teaching, local and regional seminars/conferences, international cooperation with peers, making materials available in digital form, publishing a collection of articles written by participants, etc. The positive impact of the project will manifest on three main levels: - our school's identity within the local community as a provider of high-quality, European-standard education; - a modern vision of the 21st century school management; - on a personal level, increased job satisfaction resulting form the improvement of teaching strategies. In the long run, through specific dissemination activities, the most significant added value will be a growing interest in international projects and training activities. On the assumption that our school will have highly-trained, exceptionally enthusiastic and committed teachers, we have every reason to believe in the far-reaching benefits of this project for students, for their families and for the future of the local community.
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