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LANQUA - Language Network for Quality Assurance

The area of languages is a major strategic concern for the future of Europe. This network will address five key aspects. (1) Intercultural communication as the ability to navigate different cultures within the global knowledge economy. (2) Education of language teachers. (3) Content and language integrated learning (CLIL) in European higher education. (4) Learning about the literature and culture of other countries through the source language as a valuable means of improving both linguistic and cultural competence. (5) Language learning. The project aims to produce a European quality benchmark to enable institutions and stakeholders to assure and enhance the quality of provision in these areas of higher education. It will bring together representatives of European member states, candidate and EEA countries to reflect on learning outcomes required, to share good practice and innovation to achieve these outcomes, and to work towards a common European statement. To this end, LANQUA will produce a reference document, a series of relevant case studies and a set of recommendations on how the quality of provision can be assured and improved at institutional, national and European levels. Bringing together over 60 European partners in a process of collective reflection will in itself have immediate benefits for teaching and learning quality. The wider dissemination of the project’s outcomes will inform the development of quality assurance and quality enhancement across the European Higher Education Area, and will provide a benchmark of value to stakeholders, including employers and policy makers.

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