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Lannilis à l'heure européenne
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

We are a school with 13 classes, situated in a rural area where it is important to open up to European culture. We wish to improve our linguistic skills and involve the whole of the teaching staff, the pupils, the local library's users and administrators, the tourist office (and through their intermediary non French speaking visitors to the region, essentially of British and German origin), as well as the members of the local association "Patrimoine des Abers". The teachers and pupils of the local secondary school will also be involved. We wish to develop the use of English across different subjects and activities in daily school life. The project is driven by three teachers who are qualified to teach primary English, and have a strong desire to improve and strengthen their linguistic skills and to acquire new methodology, building on previous experiences gleaned from Comenius projects. Communication and cooperation are at the heart of our project. With that in mind, we are putting in place a treasure trail entitled "Discovering the Town" in French, English and Breton which will be available for visitors to get to know our town. We will organise a specific day around the Christmas holidays to allow us to compare common cultural aspects and understand the differences (greetings cards, Boxing day, decorations...) We will work on treasure trails with the pupils in class both in the school and in the local environment (familiarisation with the vocabulary of place and movement) We will visit the town and its surroundings to discover the important monuments. We will work on word order in questions (when? Where? How?). Following this we will write our treasure trail in conjunction with the Breton classes in the school. The aim of our project is to take English out of the classroom, to promote cooperation between the pupils (whether they be taught in the French or Breton sections of the school) and to open them up to different European cultures. For that purpose, it is necessary to place interdisciplinary initiatives at the forefront of our pedagogical approach and to allow the pupils to experience situations with authentic communication. We will use audio visual communication aids to correspond with a European English speaking class, to carry out our documentary research and to create our treasure trail. Our long term aim is to improve the quality of English teaching and to continue the interdisciplinary approach of the teaching staff.
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