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Language training
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Inveralmond Community High School is situated in Livingston, West Lothian. It's a very dynamic school of 1017 pupils and 67 teachers sharing a passion for great learning and high aspirations. The school strives to deliver Curriculum for Excellence and differentiation and choice for all pupils. To make sure the differentiation and choice is carried throughout the school and following the 1+2 policy, the Modern Languages department endeavour to offer courses in French and German and is currently developing courses in Spanish. Inveralmond Community High school is striving to create strong European awareness amongst pupils. The members of the Modern Languages department are involved in many activities promoting European traditions. They regularly organise quizzes aiming at developing pupils interest in languages, are eager to show movies in the target language, organise food tasting to give the pupils deeper understanding of what life is like in other European countries. Several trips have been organised to Europe in the past years and the Modern Languages department are currently planning a trip to Paris next year. Allowing teachers to have the same kind of awareness in the Spanish culture doubled with confidence in delivering similar events linked to Spain - as well as to France and Germany - will undoubtedly raise the profile of languages within the school. It will support the teachers in delivering a comprehensive course with updated vocabulary used in contemporary Spain and provide the pupils with a better understanding of Spanish traditions. It will allow the teachers to be able to present pupils for National exams in Spanish as well as presenting candidates in French and German, therefore giving the school more opportunities to create enthusiasm and cater for pupils' interest in languages. The Modern Languages teachers in Inveralmond were informed of the course through one of the development officers in charge of the 1+2 policy in West Lothian. The participant who was interested in applying is a native French speaker who has completed her PGDE in Scotland two years ago. She has a very keen interest in languages and is striving to raise the profile of languages throughout the school. To do so, she uses recent resources, organises cultural activities, uses ICT within her lessons and tries her best to cater for each pupil's interests. She is able to use her experience as a French national in order to do all these activities, but she is very keen to develop her knowledge of another culture and another country to make sure her lessons would be as lively and interesting in Spanish as they are in French. The participant will be attending each lesson provided by the course and will take extensive notes to evidence her learning. She will have the opportunity to save resources onto USB keys and will be able to share these resources with her Modern Languages colleagues. The participant is also intending to keep a "training log" to record her progress throughout the three weeks course. A certificate of attendance will be awarded at the end of the course. She will remain closely in touch with the Head of Modern Languages who will monitor her progress. At the end of the training, the head of Modern Languages will ensure the training has been successful by monitoring the implementation of the Spanish curriculum throughout the school and by evaluating the impact on the pupils. Having the opportunity to have more teachers qualified to teach Spanish will be extremely beneficial to Inveralmond and to its cluster schools. It will allow the school to fit perfectly in the implementation of the 1+2 amongst the council and will permit Inveralmond Community High School to continue the teaching of Spanish throughout the Broad General Education. It will also allow the building of a common curriculum in Spanish within the cluster to ensure continuity in pupils learning. The pupils who will benefit from a better trained, more confident teacher will get an improved learning experience and will have the opportunity to be engaged through another language. It will raise the profile of languages throughout the school and therefore throughout the community and will help maintain a real enthusiasm for pupils studying a language of their choice.
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