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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

I (Evelyn Williamson), currently deliver French language to pupils from age 5 to 12. French language is timetabled and 320 pupils access French every week as a stand alone lesson. My school is now working towards implementing the Scottish Government's report 'Language Learning in Scotland: A 1+2 Approach' . The aim is to enable pupils to study two languages in addition to their mother tongue. The language is to be embedded into the pupils' school day, using their language learning in the daily routine of the classroom , as well as in projects with other curricular areas and in whole school celebrations. I am currently involved with a cluster group, 'Grupo Espanol', formed from volunteer teachers from 8 primary schools in our cluster and the linked secondary school. We formed in 2014 to take the '1+2' initiative forward, choosing Spanish as Language 2. Spanish language will be introduced at Nursery and will continue through Primary school into Secondary school, until at least the end of Secondary Year 3. Spanish language is to be provided by the class teacher, along with language assistants and other language speakers. There are approximately 360 pupils, 20 class teachers and 10 Support for Learning Assistants who will be impacted upon completion of this project. The Malaga course will be beneficial in providing me with a wide and rich range of learning activities in Spanish to develop both my and my school colleagues' literacy and language skills. The course gives me an opportunity to share resources, good practice and establish ICT links to communicate with my European participants' schools as well as my plan to create partnerships through e-twinning. I aim to share the outcomes of the Malaga course with my pupils and pupils' parents through a blog and school assemblies and I can feedback to my cluster group and my school colleagues, supporting them further in implementing the '1+2' initiative. Participation on the Malaga course will provide me with the training and methodology to embed Spanish language into my school. Feedback from the course will help support my school colleagues and I to plan and share a wide range of stimulating language activities in Spanish language to develop our pupils' literacy and language skills . This will support our pupils to become: Successful Learners who can reflect on how they have acquired and learned their first language and how this can assist them in further language learning; Confident Individuals who, through experiencing success and support, can interact with others in real-life situations, talk about topics of personal interest and deliver presentations in their new language; Responsible Citizens who have a growing awareness of life in Spanish society and of the issues facing citizens in Spain; Effective Contributors who can work in individual, paired and group situations and establish and maintain contact with other speakers of Spanish.

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