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Language Training
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Currently we are embedding our Local Authority's 1 +2 Language programme and have achieved success introducing Spanish across the curriculum. We are following our Local Authority Planner which has been designed to introduce all pupils (from Primary 1 to 7) to Spanish at Primary 1 level in year one, progress to Primary 2 level in year two and so on, following a full seven year programme. We are currently working on the second year of the programme. At the start of each school year time is allocated to all our staff to work together discussing the planner for each term and suggested resources and methodologies which can be shared in delivering this. As the appointed 1 + 2 Languages Co-ordinator I lead these sessions for all 11 staff and our small compliment of 18 pupils. The Spanish planner was designed in line with the Primary 1 curriculum, for example, as pupils are becoming more confident with the days of the week, colours, numbers, daily greetings and class room instructions they are learning them in Spanish at the same time. This is done using a variety of resources, including some lovely songs from the internet. Greetings have become very popular with all staff and pupils and weekly assemblies often begin with a Spanish song or learning a little bit about Spanish culture. Last year we had a whole school Mardi Gras celebration at Easter and term 4 was dedicated to Spain across the whole school. This was very successful as pupils enjoyed daily visits to our Spanish market where they would greet each and order fruit in Spanish. Pupils then employed maths skills to work out totals in euros and change to be given. Pupils then kept their fruit and sat at our Spanish cafe and ordered drinks (in Spanish of course). Further lessons developed from this across the curriculum, eg adjective lessons (choosing from 3 Spanish adjectives) to describe the taste, feel, smell of the fruit and veg. Food was used to demonstrate halves and quarters and in art a collage was made of a healthy Mediterranean dish. I am very keen to keep the pace of enthusiasm up and believe that by accessing the mobility activity this would go a long way to help me continue to deliver Spanish language and culture lessons with new teaching methods or tools. My objectives are to help keep staff and pupils motivated by introducing other methods of good practice for us to share and enjoy. The pupils never object to learning new Spanish words alongside, for example, learning the months of the year in English. I envisage becoming more confident in my knowledge of Spanish and learning more about sentence structure rather than isolated words. I believe this would have a very positive impact on staff and pupils alike. Pupils are becoming more and more interested in the language and have began to enquire how certain sentences or phrases are said. With the knowledge and skills the course provides the results both now and in the long term for our school would be very beneficial. Pupils are demonstrating confidence in their learning and adding depth to this would have a very positive impact on their self-esteem. It is very rewarding observing these pupils as they embrace the Spanish language and culture.During the Spanish topic term I expect the impact to be positive and I plan to help deliver a greater cultural awareness to staff which can be transferred to pupils. Pupils and staff have been shown a real interest in any Spanish traditions we have learned about and by attending the course I aim to ensure we keep staff and pupils motivated and engaged for many years to come.So far the implementation has been very successful and I believe the mobility activity will enable me to continue our good practice over the coming years.
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