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Language Training
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Project Background;Education Scotland aims to ensure that every child, from P1 onwards, should have the opportunity to learn a foreign language. This policy, the 1+2 Language Initiative, is to be fully implemented by 2020. In Rothienorman Primary School we have decided our first foreign language is to be French. This ensures progression into secondary school where the MFL taught to senior 2 and beyond is French too.In order to meet the requirements of the new, national initiative we plan to up-skill two primary teachers at Rothienorman Primary School in the French language and in foreign language teaching methodologies, so that we can more effectively embed the language into the curriculum. This will be achieved through attendance at an 8 day immersion course based in France, coordinated by LFEE.Attendance at this course will;- Improve the delivery of new national foreign languages initiative at a school, cluster and council level- Help develop connections with national colleagues and partners abroad thus improving cultural awareness and developing an understanding of European and global citizenship- Encourage children to use ICT resources to communicate with partners abroad so that the new curriculum is meaningful and a motivating experience for our pupilsParticipants' profiles;Caroline Palmer; - Aged 38 - Motivated primary school teacher with more than 7 years teaching experience - Studied French to a higher level and has since refreshed prior learning for both work and leisure - Currently teaching French to Primary 2/3 composite class by embedding learning into daily routines and by using a range of active learning games, (including through the use of ICT)Amanda M MacLean; - Age 24 years - Motivated primary school teacher, relatively new in my teaching experiences - Studied French to standard grade level but have been refreshing my memory teaching my class and through using Duo Lingo app on my phoneIt is anticipated that all other staff within the school, and a good number of staff within cluster and beyond will benefit through activities such as the sharing of resources and ongoing training opportunities. Likewise, all 136 primary-aged children at Rothienorman (and a great number beyond), will benefit from the transference of skills between colleagues and the provision of ideas and resources in order to make the teaching of French a more varied and meaningful experience. Results will be disseminated within school, cluster, council and nationally through a range of media (for example online), and the impact of the training course will likewise have benefits for the participant, their school, cluster, council and national authority too. The primary impact will be the greatly improved knowledge and confidence of the course attendees, and how their learning can be used to inspire the learning of pupils at Rothienorman School and the teaching of those they are able to support (both within school and beyond), with their newly acquired learning. The links created will help all involved to realise the nature of our place within Europe, develop greater understanding between nations and ultimately improve societal and industrial progress in the long term, as the children we teach carry their learning into adulthood.
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