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Language Training at Burgh Primary to Meet Languages 1+2 Criteria
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Following the Scottish Government Policy of 1+2 Languages to be implemented in all schools, our project aims to assist all participants in developing individual skills and knowledge in French (the main modern language to be taught in our Learning Community). This will in turn motivate and inspire staff to practise their skills and embed the language within their daily routines. Confidence levels will undoubtedly increase as a result of the project and lead to a positive impact on the teaching and learning within the classroom. Participants will be able to form direct links with partner schools both within the UK and France, enabling children to communicate with other schools. This may be through email, video links and letter-writing. We have 7 participants, profiles are below: Julia Connell (BA Spanish/Latin American/Portuguese & 'O' Level French) - Attended Strathclyde University in Summer 2014 "Train the Trainer" French and Spanish course. Upon return to school, has developed and led staff training to further develop language knowledge amongst teaching and support staff. Susan Scott (Higher French, modules in BA with Languages/Business French )- Currently attending the second "Train the Trainer" course, within Scottish Borders Council. Lesley McKinlay (Higher French), Morag McKeand (), Kerri Scott (Standard Grade French), Amy Fall (Standard Grade French) have all attended Scottish Borders training opportunities for French and Spanish this teaching year. Kate Smith our Additional Needs Assistant has Higher French and has been a great asset to the staff. All staff share a common interest and enthusiasm in the learning and teaching of modern foreign languages a primary level. Main project activities: 1. Learning of Languages identified as an area for staff development (February 2014) 2. Staff meeting to introduce the course (June 2014) 3. Julia Connell (Staff Representative) attended 'Train the Trainer' course at Strathclyde University and discussed relevance of course for class teachers with Richard Tallaron. (July 2014). 4. Susan Scott is currently attending second 'Train the Trainer' course in Scottish Borders (September 2014 ongoing). 5. Teachers selected for course (November 2014). 6. Weekly Language CPD Sessions (January 2015 ongoing). 7. Regular meetings to share and discuss course information. 8. Meeting to discuss travel arrangements and course logistics. 9. Evaluation meeting. 10. CAT Sessions to disseminate information and activities to the rest of staff. 11. Coaching of colleagues when and where necessary. Methodology Two teachers within our organisation have already started a programme of CAT sessions to train all staff in both French and Spanish. This course will provide more staff with the skills and confidence they require to take French and Spanish forward in our school. This will include taking part in whole school assemblies and team teaching to share many aspects of our language learning. We will plan and carry out open sessions to involve parents and the wider community. Children will lead these sessions with guidance from participants. Using this immersion course, staff will gain motivation to engage children in their language learning. The Future The benefits of this project will help young people understand the importance and relevance of learning modern languages in the primary setting. Staff will learn skills they can use for the future to embed language in our every day classroom life. We are aiming for confident, motivated staff to lead new staff and be involved in professional development of current staff. The project will have a positive impact on children's career choices in the longer term.

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