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Language Learning Champions in Social Networks and On-line Media
Start date: Nov 1, 2010,

The aims of JOYN2.0 consortium are: 1) developing learners' skills of "learning to learn languages" by using social networks, as a mean to use on-line resources and organise learning, using collaborative learning for motivation, especially for people with little language learning experience. 2) strengthening cooperation between media, social networks, commercial providers of on-line resources and language teaching professionals; 3) promoting on-line resources and such reference and assessment tools as Common European Framework for Language Learning (CEFRL) and European Language Portfolio (ELP); 4) encouraging language teachers towards role of informal facilitators of on-line language learning; 5) providing feedbacks from learners and teachers about effectiveness and successful learning pathways.JOYN2.0 outputs will be:1) new pedagogical approach: Language teachers act as moderators for virtual learning communities in social networks to support collaborative and autonomous learning and using on-line resources, as well as using CEFRL and ELP; 2) new on-line language learning resources: videos produced by LTV and applicable to any language;3) guidelines for language teachers in their role of moderators/facilitators in social networks; 4) Learners' success stories and reviews of experiences by moderators; 5) up to 15 trained teachers for the role of moderators; 6) at least 5-10 online learning groups for learning Latvian, Lithuanian, Greek, Russian, German, Finnish, Swedish, English;Impact which JOYN2.0 hopes to achieve:1) language learning groups within local and international social networks with hundreds of language learners; after project they will be supported by consortium members as commercial and business promotion activity; 2) following this example, new groups for other languages will be initiated by learners or by teachers;3) valorization for on-line learning resources, increasing use of those resources and skills for using them. This impact will be sustained through autonomous learning as well.

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