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Language is an issue or not!
Start date: Jun 24, 2014, End date: Jun 23, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Project developed with a reason which is raised up from 2007-2013 Youth in Action project turn about not implementing projects with another European languages except than English and also visibility and usage of the another European Languages during the process of European Union Integration except than European Voluntary Service projects in International Youth work and less quantity of bilingual or multilingual events within the scope of Youth in Action. On the other hand, it developed to motivate the youth workers for implementing and designing their own bilingual or multilingual activities for promoting the usage of another EU languages except than English. With that training course, we worked on the impact of language in cultural exchange and intercultural dialogue process and also inclusion of the young people and youth workers who can speak another EU languages except than English for future projects which will be developed within Erasmus+ Charter. On the other hand, we did workshops and discussion about Erasmus+ Programme to solve the problems about the application processes, key actions and quality on Erasmus+ Projects. Project activity implemented with 28 participants, 3 trainers and 2 support personnel in Giresun for 8 days with included arrival and departure days between 10-17 July. The profile of the participants is youth workers, leaders and trainers with be aged 18-30 years old who did not implemented projects in Youth in Action Charter in international level but they implemented youth projects in national and local level. The aims of the project are; - Increasing the active participation of young people who cannot participate the international events in youth field cause of language barriers and cultural differences - Take an initiative about bilingual and multilingual activities which will be carried on in youth field - Contribute the youth workers on project developing process and up skilling the youth workers who are working on national and local level to actualize the bilingual and multilingual activities in youth field - Informing youth workers about Erasmus+ and creating a basis to establish strong partnerships for future projects All Training course will be based on regular non-formal training methods, which are: -Simulation Games -Role Plays -Teamwork and Discussions -Outdoor Activities -Visual Presentations and Visual Work. In the end of the project, Participants gained an experience and also skills about cultural exchange, intercultural dialogue and also bilingual and multilingual seminar planning. Moreover, they had an opportunity use the practical knowledge about Erasmus+ for their future Youth Mobility Projects. As a result of the project, the participants from Poland,Czech Republic and Macedonia created partnerships and implemented several projects together in their local. Furthermore, Participants from Portugal implemented informing events about Erasmus+ in their organisations and in their local area. For sharing the results with other stakeholders, we created a guideline and shared with project partners with the methods implemented during the training course and also the outputs and the crucial points for applying Erasmus+ Programme. With our participants, we explained how to apply for the Erasmus+ Program and the most important points in the application form. And we implemented our organization bazaar in public area for participants and for local partners to interact between organisations and creating an impact in local level. In addition to that, with the projects implemented our participants and the results shared, they will contribute the Erasmus+ Program as a result. Besides that, with the draft ideas and with interacting with local partners,the basis is created for future projects.
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