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Language Immersion for St Nicholas Primary School
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

National guidance in the form of Scottish Government's "Language Learning in Scotland: A 1+2 Approach" (2012) has made an ambitious commitment to introduce a model of language learning based on the European Union model. The United Kingdom has not, historically, been as progressive in the teaching of language as our European partners. In West Lothian Council, and in St Nicholas Primary School, we are keen to embrace the 1+2 approach. Staff need, however, to be confident in their own language skills before this can become a reality. This two year project seeks to train 12 members of staff in Spanish in the 2015-2016 session, and a further cohort of staff being trained in French the following year. With a confident, fluent staff, confident fluent children can become a reality. All staff were invited to show a note of interest in taking part in the Erasmus+ programme. Twelve showed interest and we ask for funding for all 12 of these enthusiastic members of staff. The members of staff are of diverse ages, stages in the school and levels of ability. All share one thing in common: the desire to improve in confidence and ability in speaking a European language. Following training, staff will be encouraged, not only to improve their practice within the class, but to use the Spanish/French language as a way of embedding the language throughout the daily routines of the life of the class/school. As a school, we would seek to undertake a variety of activities: improved daily teaching and learning in European languages; Spanish/French Days, Spanish/French cafes, European language afterschool clubs, Spanish Zumba classes. As a school we would hold curriculum evenings to explain to parents how French and Spanish are taught within the school. To publicise the importance of the 1+2 approach, activities would be posted on our blog and the West Lothian Council's own blog. We would publicise our cultural and learning events in local press. We would also be keen to speak about the success of our project on any Erasmus+ promotions or literature. The impact and results we would expect to achieve are 475 children directly benefitting from 12 members of staff who have undergone an intense Immersion course in Spanish/French. The scope of the project does not end there. Our children have siblings and families - these parents, friends and siblings will also be included in our events and will benefit from our enthusiasm and activities. Longer term benefits will be seen long after the children leave St Nicholas Primary School. We expect them to go to secondary school, more confident in languages. With confidence in language comes mastery. With mastery, our children will have access to jobs in the European Union and will see themselves as global and European citizens, in addition to being Scottish.
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