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Landscape opportunities for territorial organization (LOTO)
Start date: Apr 30, 2002, End date: Dec 30, 2005 PROJECT  FINISHED 

As emphasised by the ESDP and the European Landscape Convention, the different landscape characterization of the territories is a resource to safeguard. Given that the territory is constantly developing, transformations of the landscape cannot be avoided, but it is important for them to be guided with awareness. On the other hand, whoever designs or plans the territory does not easily have access to tools that can be used to resolve the problem. The project intends to provide tools that govern the evolution of the landscape through the knowledge of the dynamics of transformation, intending the landscape itself as a reference framework for any project of an accurate and territorial scale, aimed at directing the territorial planning/design tools in a complementary manner. So, we propose identifying a method of interpreting the landscape that could be a shared operative reference to guide and verify the territorial transformation choices. Achievements: Results achieved by the LOTO project are: - Establishment of a common language and an agreed methodology on landscape planning that allow the comparison of the results and effects of local and regional policies, - Introduction of landscape upgrading issues in local, regional and national spatial planning, - Determination and testing of an initial list of landscape indicators that can also contribute to this issue for the infrastructure and as a result for the social system, - Contribution to a methodological integration of various EU conventions and directives such as the European Landscape Convention, Flora-Fauna-Habitat directives and others, - Launch of an efficient network of public institutions, research institutions and universities on landscape studies, policies and best practices with particular attention to management tools, - Enhancement of spatial and landscape planning and management documents and tools, - Launch of innovative actions and raising local awareness of landscape upgrading, - Development of landscape knowledge status at the different levels.
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