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Landscape, Cities, People (LCP)
Start date: Aug 31, 2009, End date: Dec 30, 2012 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The LCP project will build and broaden audiences for contemporary visual art by creating a sustainable model for audience development. Using new digital technologies alongside more traditional methods, it will develop and market contemporary art experiences as a new tourism product adding value to the existing cultural and heritage tourist offer.The partnership of arts organisations was born of a common desire to find and address the needs of a cross-border audience, and to help artists and freelance arts professionals engage with opportunities beyond borders. The partners will first share expertise to create sustainable audience development Strategies and work plans. They will develop professional competencies and broaden their appeal within local communities by sharing their learning and enhancing the quality of arts education services. In parallel, the project will support visual arts professionals to locate and engage with opportunities in the cross-border region through work placements, training and language learning. Achievements: What were the key results of the project?Activity 124 exhibitions visited by more than 100,000 people; 10 research & social practice placements; 3-year Audience Development plans & 3-year tourism integration plans for Fabrica, Netwerk, LH du Siège, Aspex & la malterie. Dissemination of audience evaluation models for developing local audiences; A year on year increase of non-arts audiences; maintenance of total audience numbers, with an increase to the end of 2011; 1 Developing Local Audiences film. 150 new non-arts partners involved in the exhibition projects, an average of 6 per exhibition; 1 mini-conference on working with locality & 1 on participative approaches for artists, organisations & local populations in developing an artistic territorial project. Competencies for arts educators; 1 animateur evaluation report disseminated through partner networks & as a downloadble pdf.Activity 29 placements for artist-facilitators/animateurs in social settings. Improved professional competencies for arts educators; 1 animateur evaluation report disseminated through partner networks & as a downloadble pdf.232 new non-arts partners over 5 learning sets; 4 mini-conferences disseminating learning outcomes; 1 mentoring programme; outcomes of the learning sets disseminated; 1 learning report Learning Across Borders disseminated through partner networks & as a downloadable pdf. Non-arts audiences of 16,365.Activity 32 new information/documentation centres at Netwerk & LH du Siège; development of 3 existing documentation centres at Fabrica, Aspex & la malterie; 10 key-stage career work placements for artists; 17 work placements for employees & volunteers; 125 training & networking events; 2 mini conferences with disseminated outcomes; 18 participants in language learning activity; 168 work opportunities provided by the project; 131 work opportunities advertised through but not funded by the project; creation of a sustainable cross-border professional network.Did all partners and territories benefit from the results?All target groups at project purpose level were engaged in dialogue with the partners who helped to improve their offer to these groups through closer working, increased opportunity & the resources to tailor activity to each group. This has had a positive effect on the activity offered by each partner & opportunities for non-arts partners.Final beneficiaries that took part directly (service users in health, social care and education sectors, marginalised & young people, local residents, workers and users of community organisations) benefited from the funding that enabled workshops to take place & the expertise that has been developed through research & sharing of skills and experiences drawn from each region related to working with specific target groups.Artists, art & cultural workers, arts professionals, small & micro businesses and recent graduates have benefited from increased opportunities for professional development, through the commission of new work, events, project operational opportunities, increase events & networking opportunities and the advertisement of opportunities in the cross border region.What were the effects / outcomes for the territories involved?All partners have improved Audience Development capabilities, which has a direct impact on the local population in each area. One example of the success of this work is that Netwerk now has a dedicated member of staff to work on Audience Development, which will continue beyond the project, whereas previously there were not any staff working in this area. All partners are now reaching new marginalised audiences. This expertise and approach is part of each organisation making real organisational change. The impact of working with these marginalised groups, both in terms of benefits to the organisations and participants in each territory has been evaluated as part of the Activity 2 learning report – Learning Across Borders.Successful European funding and working internationally has raised the profiles of partners with local agencies, stakeholders and policy makers improving chances for future funding. It has also built confidence within the organisations of working internationally.The opportunities provided and training invested in partner employees, interns & volunteers, as well as for artists, arts professionals and arts educators, have improved the competencies of those working in the cross-border region, improved awareness of working in a cross-border context and increased accessibility to opportunities amongst a wider arts networks. This has help to create a more highly skilled and knowledgeable workforce in the visual arts sector in each territory.
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